Preparing For Doomsday – Is It Worth It?

Preparing For Doomsday - Is It Worth It? Back in 2008 when the world economy was damaged as never before, many people started preparing their lives for doomsday. But, it never came, so they eventually quit. Nowadays, media and politicians claim that doomsday will never come and that this is just an illusion. But is it? Of course not and there’s more to it than you may think of. Doomsday may occur today or in 10 years. At that moment, do you want to be a person who is prepared or a person who will wait for handouts?

Possible causes of doomsday

At first glance, one may think that there are no obvious reasons for doomsday. After all, the police and army are doing their job, politicians are making a better world and so forth. All of this sounds great but it isn’t like that and we don’t live in an ideal world. First of all, there are so many wars today and we don’t pay attention to them because they don’t affect us directly, Even more, as witnessed in recent years the police aren’t capable of maintaining proper law and order, and social upheaval often occurs. All of this and much more means that humanity isn’t prepared for a doomsday scenario.

We also know that there are a lot of illusions and fear-mongering scenarios pushed forward by certain people. No, Skynet or similar software won’t take control of the nuclear weapons and destroy the planet. Aliens are not coming either, so you may believe that some reasons for doomsday are an illusion. Actually, they are not, they are just different than you may imagine. Believe or not, there are so many reasons which may occur today and they are more than just realistic. Let’s meet some of them which may sound familiar.


Yes, a superior disease which may spread over the planet is the first choice of worrying for many and it may occur today. Why and how is this possible, you may ask. First of all, there are some indications and it is probable that some countries are working on bio-weapons, which are basically airborne viruses.

If that is true and the virus is used, it will annihilate more than 90% of life or better said of the humans on the planet. Not everyone will succumb to the virus and eventually, some of us will likely be able to develop immunity to the virus.

As soon as this happens, doomsday begins. There won’t be ordering any more, the people will be frightened and icteric which will lead to massive conflicts. No, they are not going to turn into zombies, but they will die as soon as the resources are cannibalized. In this case scenario, you must be prepared. If you are not, you will get caught in the fire between those people, so your chances will be significantly reduced.

On the other hand, if you are ready to prepare yourself for doomsday caused by a pandemic, the chances are high that you will survive. Over time you will be able to keep a safe distance for dangerous zones and maybe you will be one of those restoring humanity in the long run. Despite the fact this sounds like a movie script, the chances for something like this to occur are quite high. In recent years, even the common flu various was observed to mutate and develop a resistance to antibiotics.

Nuclear war

Sadly, too many countries have nuclear weapons and some of these countries won’t hesitate to use them and trigger doomsday. If just one weapon is launched accidentally or intentionally, a nuclear war will start since most countries will make the first move to have a tactical advantage over the others. This will start a chain reaction from which few people will manage to escape. In this case scenario, the biggest cities will be targeted first. Nuclear weapons will destroy everything and kill anything! As such, there won’t be any life left in those places.

This is actually just the beginning. Once everything starts, a massive or better said World War 3 would start. There is no place for those who are not prepared here. Modern weapons, paired with the desire to kill the enemy will make a huge side effect on the population of humans on the planet.

If you are not prepared, you will have to go to war or you will live on the streets of ruined cities. Yes, you can live in the forest or in a bunker as well, but are you prepared for that? Do you know that there are natural bunker formations all across the United States that can harbor dozens of families?

An asteroid will hit the planet

Believe or not, scientists already have discovered that a massive asteroid will hit planet Earth in 2182. Because it is so distant in the future, we don’t spend time thinking about it and we don’t care about it since most of us will be long dead by then. Well, this is just one of the many asteroids which can hit our planet. There are too many out there and nobody keeps a close eye on them.

An asteroid of a radius of 30 miles will probably eliminate almost the entire life on our planet. For this scenario, you will need massive preparation and yes, you will be able to survive it. Keep in mind that this is one of the least likely scenarios to occur in our lifetime, but at the same time, it is one of the most catastrophic ones. Basically, you will have no place to hide and you will be affected by the total destruction and its effects.

Of course, this scenario may never occur, but being prepared for it is definitely a great thing to think about. If you are prepared, you will survive. After some time, the planet will recover from the asteroid hit, which means that you or your kids will survive and be able to continue their life.

Electro-magnetic pulse

This is probably the most probable scenario for doomsday and many countries are preparing for it, including our government. Basically, it is the simplest to explain and one of the hardest to survive. An EMP is an electromagnetic pulse which will destroy almost all electronics on the planet. It may occur if the sun causes a coronal mass ejection (CME) which is a significant release of plasma and magnetic field from the solar corona.

Besides the sun, we also have to worry about other countries that may use their nuclear weapons to trigger an EMP (especially North Korea which is testing its rockets to reach higher altitudes). An EMP will take the planet back to the Stone Age and few people will manage to survive without the aid of technology. Of course that an EMP won’t affect people physically nor it will harm them in any way, but there is a reason to be concerned. Let me explain.

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Imagine a world without any electronic gadget, device or tool. Police will be useless, meaning that thieves and burglars will be free to roam the cities and do as they please. This will simply cause massive chaos and it will become a dog eat dog world. Most of you believe that government forces will be capable of protecting us in this case, but they aren’t. The truth is completely different. They don’t have enough manpower to protect all of us and there aren’t enough resources to go around. That being said, massive riots will escalate and over time they will destroy anything that is left.

In this case, you will definitely want to be prepared for this kind of doomsday. Learning how to survive using the knowledge of the old days can make a massive difference between life and death and it is something you will definitely want to plan in the near future. The good thing is that the skills you will learn could be used for anything you need and you will be able to pass them on to younger generations.

Benefits of preparing yourself for doomsday

So the biggest question here is should you start preparing for doomsday? The answer is yes and there’s no reason to hide it. Believe or not, the answer is yes even if nothing happens today tomorrow or in the future. There are a lot of reasons why you should prepare yourself for the day. Here are the main reasons, but keep in mind that there are so many others, which are more of an individual nature. In essence, all of them combined or used separately will help you become a stronger individual, more capable of surviving and a special asset for any survival group. Anyway, here are the main reasons why you should prepare yourself for doomsday.

First aid training

It is essential to have at least basic knowledge of first aid, not only for a doomsday scenario but also for daily life when accidents can occur at any time.  Even if doomsday never happens, it is important to know how to give CPR or how to stop a bleeding wound. Why? Well, you will be able to help yourself and the people you love.

Then you will be able to help strangers when this is needed. Basically, you will become a smarter and a person who is no longer a bystander. Luckily, this type of training is simple enough and won’t occupy much of your time. It is also appealing and self-rewarding to know that you can help a person in need and save a life.

And now, if doomsday occurs, you will probably have to deal with a lot of injured people. With these skills, you are going to be much better prepared and you will know what to actually do instead of panicking. Without this knowledge, the situation can take a turn for the worse and you may not recover from the loss of a loved one.

There is also another benefit to this and after you complete the training, you will get used to handling serious and complicated situations. You will learn to work better under pressure and how to handle stress better. All of this is important in everyday life and not just for doomsday.

Weapon training

Let’s face it, most people don’t know how to use a weapon. Some people have never seen one and they will probably never see how the media demonize them. Due to the action of few, firearms are being perceived as the enemy and not as simple tools.

If you are preparing yourself for doomsday, you will have to learn how to use a weapon. Pistols and rifles are the two main types of firearms you should be focused on. In essence, you will need to learn how to use, maintain and repair them.

If or when doomsday occurs, you will be prepared to protect yourself and your family. Even if doomsday never occurs, you will still be able to protect yourself and loved ones in case of a home invasion or active shooting scenario. This is an advantage you must have in your life seeing the days we live in. It is more than just beneficial and it is a game-changer no matter what the future may bring.

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A good thing is that weapon training doesn’t have to be complicated and it’s quite rewarding. Basically, you will have to shoot all day long and you will understand how weapons work. Because they all work on the same principle, you will get an idea within a matter of days.

After that, you will be better protected from all kinds of threats and you will be ready to protect your loved ones easily. There is no need in mentioning that this will allow you to own a weapon. In the United States and most other countries on the planet, you must have a permit and training to have a gun. Important: Keep in mind that doomsday preparation does require plenty of bullets, so store them as soon as possible. They have a long shelf life, so they can be stored for as long as you need them.

Combat skills

Martial skills or any other combat skills are essential if you want to survive in a world after doomsday. Sure, using a firearm or any other type of weapon can be easier, but that only works if you are able to reach it in time. In a close combat situation, you need to be able to protect yourself using your main tools (arms and legs). This is mandatory to know because you may face a conflict long before doomsday comes.

There are gun-free zones and if you get attacked there you will probably need to defend yourself without a weapon. Without combat skills, you have 50:50 chances to defeat a single person in hand to hand combat. But chances are much higher that you will be attacked by several individuals. How will you defend yourself then?

The sad truth is that you won’t be able to defend yourself and you will fail without proper training. However, if you have combat skills, you may live to tell the story. As a matter of fact, there are not so many people who train in hand to hand command. Most of the people you meet on a daily basis lack the skills to protect themselves.

Would you rather be one of them or would you rather learn some skills for personal protection? Combat skills are often overlooked by preppers and survivalists because they rely on their firearms for protection. Bullets will run our or you will not be able to reach your guns in time, what will you do then?

Living in the wilderness

In case a doomsday scenario occurs during your lifetime, you may be forced to survive in the wilderness. This is one of the most probable scenarios, especially when big cities will be depleted of resources. But, how many of you know how to survive there? We all watched movies where a person will survive for years in nature or on an island without any tools or knowledge. That is just entertainment and the truth is much more different. Nowadays there are survival experts who will teach you most of the facts you need to survive in the wilderness within a matter of days or weeks.

Basically, you will learn how to make a fire without any modern tools, how to forage for edibles or how to procure food through fishing and trapping. Yes, in nature all is focused on hunting, fishing, and gathering. Even without a good crankbait rod, you will still be able to catch something and it’s all about patience and tactics.

You will have to gather fruits and vegetables to eat and you will have to hunt. Small animals are easier to hunt, but they are also a small portion of food. Obviously, you will need to learn how to conserve energy when trapping or hunting smaller preys. Bigger animals are much better, but they do need a massive preparation to be hunted.

All of this is just a small part of living in the wilderness and you will also learn how to make a shelter as well, how to secure yourself in nature and how to protect yourself from animals and other threats. All of this becomes mandatory to know if our country will be hit by an EMP.

Learn how to protect your home

Maybe your neighborhood is safe and there crime rate is low where you live, but no place is 100% safe, even today. In the case of doomsday, you will have to know how to protect your home since even your neighbors will want what’s yours. It is mandatory to prepare for home invasions and learn how to hold down the fort and it isn’t as difficult as you can imagine. If we add all the skills above you will learn, you will have an easy task. I wrote previously about various tactics on how to prepare your home, from securing entrances to set perimeters. I suggest you read them to gather more knowledge on this topic.

Even if doomsday never happens, your home and therefore your family will be secure and safe from a variety of threats. It is essential to start with this prepping measure as soon as possible. The crime rate is constantly growing and there’s no point in sugarcoating this. It is just a matter of time until you will need to protect your house and family. The sooner you start, the safer you will be.

Should you prepare yourself for doomsday?

So, after reading all of this what do you think? Any person with even a little bit of common sense will answer yes. In essence, you will get a lot of benefits and advantages if you prepare for doomsday, but not a single downside. You will become a stronger and more capable person. The knowledge you gather and the skills you develop won’t go to waste. If you learn how to protect your loved ones and help others, you won’t have to wait for doomsday to come to put those skills to good use.

In the end, we have only two possible scenarios, no matter how we look at this. One or better said the first one is that doomsday will occur eventually. Chances are actually higher than you can imagine and there are a lot of potential reasons on how and why it will happen. If you prepare for doomsday, you will have greater chances to survive it and you will be able to protect your family even in the case of the worst-case scenario.

The second scenario is that doomsday never occurs. Even so, you will have acquired skills that will help you in everyday life. You will help others and you will become a better person overall. What will you lose if doomsday never comes? The answer is nothing.

All of the training and skills we have mentioned are more than enough to prepare us for everyday occurrences. It is in our human nature (or at least it was) to want to survive and learn skills which will make our lives easier and safer.


As we have mentioned, doomsday may occur tomorrow or it may not happen at all. It is up to you to choose which path you want to follow. The first one is to become prepared and start with the above mentioned and many other preparations that will assist you in many different ways.

The second path is to do nothing and just wait and see what happens. After all, is much more comfortable to sit on the couch and watch TV rather than learning how to save a life. It is up to you, but as you can imagine, the first path is safer, more appealing and more beneficial in the end. However, if you are part of the category learning from TV shows, right now, here are the best survival shows on Netflix.

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3 thoughts on “Preparing For Doomsday – Is It Worth It?”

  1. Spending good money on prepping is not worth it. Use your hard-earned money to pay off debt, pay for your children’s education, take your family on vacation, start a business or save for your retirement.
    Don’t throw it down the black hole of “prepper-ism”.

  2. Per Second Thought’s comment, certainly ignoring debt or going deeper into debt to ‘prep’ is a poor plan. Some high profile prepping things, like putting money into building a bomb-proof bunker is a poor value, cost-benefit-wise.

    But, as the article describes, quite a few ‘preps’ have non-SHTF uses and values, so they’re a good place to start. Having a backup inventory of food that you’ll eat anyway is hardly a waste and can eventually save you money (e.g. only buy potatoes when they’re on sale, etc.) because you have a stock to draw upon while items are not on sale.

    Short term SHTF events do occur (hurricanes, regional power outages, riots), so it’s not foolish to have some resilience for those. The same things that can get you through a storm aftermath will be valuable in some bigger (even if less likely) event.

    Having a firearm for self-defense is good pre-or-post SHTF. Crime happens, and as they say: “when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.” A rifle is handy around my home right now for varmint control. It will be handy post-SHTF too. However, buying a dozen rifles and ammo for them, so you can outfit a small survival army is back to that poor value thing again. It’s easy to let your imagination carry away your wallet. Don’t be that guy.

    Unless, of course, you’ve paid off all your debts and have excess money that would just be squandered on pointless status consumables, then why not?

    — Mic

  3. If MSM and politicians say it will not happen, then that means get your act together because it probably will. If fewer people are prepping these days, then is just means fewer people will be prepared. Finally, most preps should have more than one use so if it is not needed for prepping it can be used for more conventional purposes.


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