Prepper’s Gear – Pressured Jerry Can Water Filter Review

Pressured Jerry Can Water Filter ReviewNot having enough water when the brown stuff hits the fan is one of my greatest fears. After all, water is quite essential for all the living creatures on this planet. As preppers, we aspire to have clean water for drinking and usage when the public utilities get shut down. I for one, I’m always looking for simple and effective ways to gather and purify water. I was hyped to receive my Pressured Jerry Can Water Filter and I couldn’t wait to test it. Here is what I discovered.

As every prepper knows, water covers a large portion of our planet, but the quantity of drinkable water is not high enough to last for everyone. Even more, the usage of water is heavily restricted during droughts and other natural disasters.  If you don’t believe me, just take a look at what South Africa is going through.  Their water reserves are almost depleted and they will have to re-adapt their lifestyle starting this April.

As preppers, we understand the importance of having clean water and we don’t take it for granted. During a critical situation, it can be very tough to find clean and fresh water. That might not seem a problem at first and strangely enough, people think that food is their main priority.

You can last on your body fat for a few weeks, but you will not be able to survive for more than three days without water. Therefore, it is better to find simple and effective ways to collect water and purify it. I have a lot of portable water filters to deal with adverse situations, but I have to admit that nothing compares with my Pressured Jerry Can Water Filter.

I got this after seeing it in use and I must say that the Pressured Jerry Can Water Filter is getting a lot of fame for its performance and features.

In this article, you will see my honest review and I will also reveal some essential facts about this water filter and the importance of having it during an emergency situation.

Pressured Jerry Can Water Filter:

As said before, it is possible to survive without food for a few days, but now without water. Every Prepper knows this and they do everything in their power to gather a large supply of water. Since water is bulky and takes a lot of space, going with a water filter is the preferred long-term solution for many of us.  Let’s say you go camping and you get lost. If there is no source of clean water, how will you be able to quench your thirst? The Pressured Jerry Can Water Filter can help you in such situation.

It is a pressurized water filter, produced to offer high-quality water within a few seconds. It comes with an internal filtration system and a hand pump. The hand pump creates pressure inside the water filter so that the polluted water can get filtered quickly. This water filter is designed to filter a large amount of water quickly. Therefore, it can be a great source of clean water during a crisis, but also during activities such as traveling, camping, and hiking.

Why is the Pressured Jerry Can Water Filter so effective?

You might be wondering why should I purchase the Pressured Jerry Can Water Filter when there are many other options available on the market.  While different water filters come with certain features that make them useful during the drastic conditions, the Jerry Can filter comes with some unique and notable features that turn it into a reliable accessory for every prepper. It is lightweight and it filters quite effectively. You can fill it with water from any questionable water source and it will do a great job at filtering it within a few minutes.

There is a two-stage filter system in the Pressured Jerry Can Water filter. This filtration system works to improve the taste of water and makes it look as it would come from the water tap. All the harmful germs, sediments, chemicals, and metals are removed from the water. You get pure and healthy water to survive any emergency and push forward.

The dual filter system of this water filter includes a hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane filter along with an activated charcoal filter to meet the standards of the EPA. The experts agree that the Pressured Jerry Can Water filter improves the quality of water in any condition. All you need to do is pump and create pressure so that the water can be filtered quickly.

How does the Pressured Jerry Can Water Filter remove the impurities?

Many Preppers are praising the features of this water filter, but why is that? Its working method defines its usefulness as a portable water filter. The dual filtration system improves the opportunities for killing all kinds of water pollutants. The activated charcoal filters heavy metals, including lead and iron. It also works to improve the taste of water by absorbing the dirty flavor of contaminated water. The activated charcoal filter also removes all sorts of chemicals from the water to ensure you have uncontaminated, pure water.

The Activated Charcoal filter and the 0.1-micron hollow fiber filter.

Another filter that can be equipped in the Pressured Jerry Can Water Filter is the hollow fiber filter. There are dozens of tubes with very tiny holes through which the water passes towards the dispensing portion of the can. The microscopic holes of this filter remove health hazards such as Giardia, Bacteria, Protozoan Cysts, and other impurities from the water. You can easily remove and clean this filter to clear the blockage and unclog the microscopic holes. Both filters work quite efficiently. You can taste the difference of and there will be no impurities in your glass of filtered water.

So to sum it up, the Pressured Jerry Can Water filter has two hollow fiber filters, marvels of today’s technology.  One is 0.1-micron and the other is 0.02-micron (used for virus removal). The 0.1 comes as a standard option and the other one can be purchased separately.

No electricity required to filter the water:

The manufacturer wanted to provide a water filter that can operate without electricity and another form of power. It is obvious that you cannot get the electric breaker on the camping site or while hiking. There is no hope to find the power supply outlet in case of natural disaster. Therefore, the manufacturer equipped this water filter with a hand pump. This pump increases the air pressure inside the water filter so that the water can quickly pass through the filters. All you need to do is pump the water filter and it will quickly start filtering water. This makes it ideal if you are prepping for an EMP event.

Notable features:

Some amazing features turn Pressured Jerry Can Water Filter into an excellent emergency preparedness gear. Those features are as follows:

  • The capacity of removing around 99.99% impurities:

Many types of impurities contaminate the water and in some cases, it can become toxic and even lethal. The Pressured Jerry Can water filter can clean 99.999% germs including salmonella, e.coli, and cholera. This water filter can also remove 99.99% protozoan cysts such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and protozoa.

  • 1-micron hollow fiber membrane:

These tiny fiber membranes play a vital role in removing metal impurities and bacteria from the contaminated water. It is the 2nd filter of a comprehensive water filtration system that assures a complete cleaning of contaminated water.

  • Filters 1-gallon water within 3 minutes:

Every healthy individual need about a gallon water every day to stay healthy. The Pressured Jerry Can filter can filter up to 1-gallon water within just three minutes. It can easily meet your water needs while camping or during a crisis.

  • No electricity required:

Other water filters need a power supply to remove 99.99% water impurities. The Pressured Jerry Can Water Filter filters the contaminated water without using electricity. It is a pump operated water filter that you can carry with you anywhere you go.

Pros and Cons:

Like any other product, the Pressured Jerry Can water filter also has many features and some flaws that you must know before buying it. These pros and cons will provide you a complete insight on why this water filter is useful or why it is not recommended as a Prepper’s gear.


  • It is a lightweight and easy to use water filter:

Unlike other heavy water filters, the Jerry Can is quite lightweight. It is just a water can that you can carry with you anywhere you go. You get it as an assembled water filter. You will have to remove the water outlet valve cap and then fasten the filter mechanism to it. Attach it back to its original place and close the valve. Now take away the hand pump cap to fill the water and then close it. And as the last step, you need to use the hand pump to create pressure and the water will get filtered quickly. That’s how easily you can fill the water, filter it, and then use it whenever you need clean water.

  • It is compact:

Most preppers are impressed by the compact design of Jerry Can. It is an essential survival gear for anybody, who likes to visit isolated areas around the country and it’s ideal for hiking and camping. Suppose anything wrong happens there and you need to survive for a few days, the Jerry Can filter can be a reliable source of clean water in such conditions. Put it in your truck and you will always have a reliable solution for water filtration if you are forced to bug out.

  • Kills and removes all the impurities:

It is a unique water filter that uses different filter mechanisms to remove all the possible impurities. The manufacturer guarantees that the Jerry Can is capable of removing up to 99.999% water impurities. It can remove bacteria, metals, chemicals, smell, and color of the water within a few seconds. Its integral water filter can also kill viruses that may cause deadly diseases. Therefore, it is a great choice for preppers and survivalists.

  • It can turn into a portable shower:

The Pressured Jerry Can Water Filter is not only famous for its performance as a water filter, but it can also turn into a portable shower. You can install a shower head attachment to get a constant supply of water for cleaning dishes, but also for taking a bath. Though, you will have to buy the shower head attachment separately. It comes at a very affordable price.

  • It produces water without chemical taste:

Some water purifying tablets will change the taste of the water and even though they are effective, you need to get used to the new taste. As we all know, water has no taste and that’s how it should be. This water filter not only filters the contaminated water, but it also keeps the original taste. You will get a good amount of water without an altered taste.

  • The price:

Compared to other water filters on the market, the Pressured Jerry Can water filter has a very affordable price. I consider that if you are a Prepper, you shouldn’t cheap out on critical things such as food, water and medicine. With this water filter, you won’t spend a ridiculous amount of money and you will get quality for every buck. It is feature-rich and very cost-effective.


  • The pressure system will be completely useless if the large size filter is not attached. You will have to attach the main filter if you want to create pressure in the water can.
  • This water filter is not for the Mountaineers. It cannot work if you are trying to filter the water in freezing temperatures. It is built to operate when the temperature is between 39° – 104°F.
  • Compared to other options available on the market, it is quite expensive to buy multiple filters and keep them for bartering purposes. For bartering, there are other options available.

Why did I buy the Pressured Jerry Can Water Filter?

As said before, not having enough clean water is one of my main concerns. I’m always looking for affordable solutions to be able and collect water, but also to filter it without a hassle. After testing this water filter, I can honestly say this is the best option for me. It doesn’t cost a fortune and it does a great job of providing me with clean water.

I like to spend time exploring the great outdoors and this filter is my new hiking companion. I can’t predict the future and I don’t know when the next disaster will hit. However, I’m the master of my own destiny and I like to prepare for the unknown as best as I can. With this water filter, I can be certain I will not get thirsty when things go south.

Things I got get with Pressured Jerry Can Water Filter:

The complete package of Jerry Can include the following things:

  • An activated charcoal filter.
  • Hollow fiber ultra-filtration filter.
  • Two 3” hoses.
  • The main water container with a screw-on hand pump.
  • Storage box and a user manual.

You can add some attachments to use this water filter as a shower. However, you will have to pay extra money for buying the shower head.

Should you buy the Pressured Jerry Can Water Filter?

To be honest, you would be thankful to have such filter if it hits the fan. Some people call it the lifesaver Jerry Can because it is a portable source of clean water and it can make any puddle or questionable water source drinkable. If you want to be prepared, this is a great solution for the entire family, regardless if you plan to hunker down or bug out.

Again, it is a matter of time until any of us will be faced with an emergency situation. As we’ve seen before, an emergency situation can take a drastic turn anytime and your water storage will not last for long. The Pressured Jerry Can water filter can save the day and you will not have to wait for government aid when the tap runs dry.

The Jerry Can is the ultimate survival gear when it comes to water filtration. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert survivalist, this water filter will satisfy your need for clean water. Remember, your food may last for a long time and you can battle hunger for a few weeks, but you cannot live without water. The Pressured Jerry Can water filter will never let you run short of drinkable water.

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