Important Reasons To Go Off-grid

Reasons To Go Off-gridOff-grid living is a way of life without public utilities, such as energy, water and waste management. It is an independent way to live without all modern utilities and it promotes self-sufficiency for survival and independence. You’ve probably heard about many people going off grid, but do you know the reasons that made them go off-grid?

Everyone has a different reason for going off-grid and they aren’t all preppers or survivalists as the general public tends to believe. Living off-grid doesn’t provide the same experience for all and everyone has its own experience, facilities, difficulties and problems.

People won’t think about the possible reasons to go off-grid because they don’t want to stay away from the modern world and all the facilities it brings. Here are some reasons that convinced people to go off-grid; maybe some of these reasons will convince you as well:

Due to unusual circumstances

Maybe the area you live in has no grid available and this can be your choice or your fate. There are lots of people in the world living in areas that do not have traditional grid facilities. And these are not just the people from third world countries; there are many living in the rural America as well, without being dependent on the grid.  For example, you could have a dream property in Alaska, but it’s too far from the boondocks to get connected to the grid. There are even some religious communities that avoid modern conveniences. They have no problems prospering with the lifestyle they picked.

To reduce the ecological impact

Some people will go off-grid to minimize the ecological impact of the grid and to leave a healthier planet for their children. There are many green communities forming throughout the country. Their lifestyle aims to reduce the carbon footprint and make it easy for the earth to recover. Living green is one of the advantages of going off-grid. You don’t have to worry about pollution or what chemicals they put in your food.

To get rid of the cost of traditional utilities

To benefit from all the utilities provided by the modern world, you will have to pay for them with your hard earned money. If you are drowning in debt, you may not afford to pay for all the utilities. Even more, you should consider that in some areas, the traditional utility connections may cost more. If you go-off grid, you may get rid of the utilities bills and you will get a well-deserved break to get back on track.

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To become independent

Many people will go off-grid to experience if they can become self-sufficient. They want to see if they have sufficient skills and knowledge to live in the absence of traditional utilities. Making this move will provide a reality check about their reliance on traditional utilities. It will help them discover new ways to produce and maintain the comfort they are used to. Becoming independent in an off-grid environment provides a satisfaction that is hard to be described in just a few words. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment that no other project can provide.

To train an intelligent mind

Some people will go off-grid in order to concentrate on their personal projects. To find the isolation that will help them expand their creative spirit. There are those who will take a break from all the electronic gadgets that have a big impact on their lives and go through an “electronic detox” ,as many artists call it. For them, not being distracted by the electronic gadgets, social media and all other forms of electronic corruption provides a creative boost that can be exploited in a world that stands still. Many of the artists, scientists and creative people that go through this transition, will rarely go back to their former life.

To develop survival skills and have a backup plan

Many people think that it is not possible to live in this world without the national grid. They somehow forgot that it was possible for our forefathers. If a natural disaster or crisis event will happen, there can be several problems that could arise and cut your connection to the national grid. The preparedness movement is raising and there are modern pioneers being born each day. For them, it is very important to learn and manage survival techniques without being dependent on the national grid. They test their ability to survive without the modern conditions and they find ways to improvise in order to thrive in an off-grid environment.

To find freedom and happiness

Many people will go off-grid to provide freedom for their family and become debt free. The burden of debt will crush your dreams and affect the comfort of your family. Without having this burden and without worrying about tomorrow, you can learn to live a happy life while making your family comfortable. A life without stress, without the constraints of the consumerism world provides true freedom. It can save you from various health problems associated to stress. It helps you to learn how to take a step back and relax, and how to notice the world around you.

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To get back to their roots

The lost ways of living - A must see!As I said before, there are those who consider themselves as modern pioneers. These people will try to go back to their roots in order to gain that feeling of simplicity and self-sufficiency. They remember how good life used to be back in the days when there wasn’t so much social corruption and they want to regain that feeling. They don’t want to be part of the rat race anymore and they will include the lost ways in their daily lives.

Many will retire to an off-grid location and will continue to live as their grandparents did. For them, it is a way of keeping alive the memory of their ancestors and at the same time, it is a way of reliving their youth, when bills were not a problem and the joy of discovering and enjoying new things was part of daily life.

Go off-grid to get close to nature

I’m one of those people that love to spend a week or two in a mountain cabin without internet or TV. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world. Just like me, there are many of those who love to be close to nature and they will go-off grid to experience living like this every day. Some of these people have financial freedom, while others have the skills and knowledge to survive without being dependent on the grid.

They love to go hunting, fishing or foraging and they have a great respect for nature. They know how to make it work in their favor, but they also know when to fear it. Living off-grid provides close interaction with the environment and you will learn how to enjoy nature and everything it brings.

The reasons to go off-grid may range from biased to ecological and from monetary to biological. Regardless of the reasons, I have yet to meet a person who went back to the grid after living off-grid for more than a year. Living off-grid is certainly not easy and everyone agrees that the first three years are the hardest. However, if you put effort into it and have the right attitude, you will be able to benefit from living off-grid.

All the knowledge you gathered will help you normalize the encountered difficulties and problems. Living off-grid requires a certain mindset and if you can’t stay away from Facebook for a day or two, this lifestyle may not be for you.

Stay safe and God Bless!

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  1. I love the idea of peace of mind that would come from being totally off grid. Knowing that you had the basics covered no matter what would be quire relaxing.

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