Are Back Up Sights Necessary?

are back up sights necessary

You might have heard of backup iron sights (BUIS) but do not know what they initially do. You might already know but still need to figure out whether they’re worth it for you.

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13 Proper Gun Storage Tips for Beginners

13 proper gun storage tips for beginners

Part of being a responsible gun owner is knowing how to keep it safe. Research shows that one-third of American households with kids have a gun in the house. Considering how curious kids might be, there’s always a chance they’ll locate your firearm and start playing with it.

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Learning The Differences Between The Cover And Concealment Concepts

learning the differences between the cover and concealment concepts

Fighters in combat, law enforcement officers on patrol, and people defending their homes have all been injured or killed because they either didn’t understand the basic concepts of “cover” and “concealment,” didn’t apply them correctly, or didn’t understand the difference between the two.

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Should You Shoot Or Not A Home Invader?

should you shoot or not a home intruder

You will notice a repeating pattern if you watch enough gun-related media shows, study enough online firearms training videos, or attend enough training classes.

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The Best Folding Guns You Can Get

the best folding guns you can get

When it comes to firearms, like an AK-47, there are few features as cool, and more than often useful, as the ability to fold. Whether it’s for storage in your bug-out bag, concealment, or being able to use the firearm in a wider variety of scenarios, the ability to fold in some way is a great feature used in a large range of firearms designs.

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The Best and Worst Types of Firearms to Use for Home Defense

the best and worst types of firearms to use for home defense

Home invasion has become a severe threat due to the ongoing world situation, and having a way to defend your property and family from burglars is vital. The best solution is to have the proper tools to protect what’s yours. However, some weapons are better than others, and each firearm can be maneuvered with training.

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Concealed Carry Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

concealed carry mistakes you shouldn't make

Our country is currently in an unpleasant state of uncertainty and confusion. As a result, tens of thousands of worried citizens are arming themselves with hidden firearms. However, a lot of folks are making concealed carry mistakes that they will end up regretting one day.

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Seven Key Elements Your Home Defense Plan Needs

seven key elements your home defense plan needs

Home defense should not be taken lightly in these uncertain times. To be adequately prepared, you must have a comprehensive home defense plan that includes training, planning, and gear.

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Tips For Buying Used or Pre-Owned Firearms

tips for buying a used or pre owned firearm

I’m always intrigued by new firearms that appear on the market, but a quick glance at their price tags often redirects my attention to the used-gun rack. Second-hand firearms frequently come with lower price tags, and many times they feature better quality and craftsmanship than their brand-new, higher-priced counterparts.

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Tips For Wilderness Carry And Having The Right Handgun For The Job

tips for wilderness carry and having the right handgun for the job

I was with my friend, Tobey, for a ruffed grouse hunt in northern New Hampshire. The spot we were hunting was an area about 20 minutes away from his home in Lancaster. Tobey has a remote cabin on this property that is loaded with grouse. It also has its fair share of black bears.

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Top Customizable Shotguns You Should Give A Try

top customizable shotguns

With such a proliferation of affordable and high-end ARs in the market it’s easy to overlook other options as your go to firearm. Although they are excellent for home defense, recreational and competitive sport, and hunting, most shotguns are relegated to either hunting birds on the wing or home defense.

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Six Requirements For A Survival Firearm

six requirements for a survival firearm

The six basic requirements for a firearm to be classified as a survival firearm, and in this article, we will cover each requirement so that you can make an informed decision when picking a survival firearm.

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10 Firearms That Changed The Guns Industry

10 firearms that changed the guns industry

Every firearm manufacturer hopes their newest product will become popular with shooters and hunters. Over the course of the last century, many guns have done just that. But a few firearms go further, changing the face of the shooting industry by revolutionizing gun manufacturing.

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