Hand to Hand Combat – 8 Practical Tips

hand to hand combat

This theoretical article will explore the different elements of hand to hand combat, also introducing several practical tactics that can aid in a valid conclusion to a fight. Although we discuss supplementary weapons, the term “hand to hand” as applicable here relates to conflicts where the only defense is the hand.

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for any fight is to take up martial arts training. There are many types of martial arts that you can take up, and it all depends on what your goal is and how long you have to train for them. The earlier you start, the more prepared you are going to be if you need to use it. We have recently published an article about Asian Martial Arts, and we highly recommend you read that before you decide which you take up.

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The Ultimate Home Defense Guide – 10 Easy To Implement Strategies

Ultimate Home Defense Guide

What does the recent social upheaval happening all over the world mean to you and your ability to defend yourself and your home? Many people’s home defense plans are predicated on a collapse of civil order…. today’s city dweller often lives in conditions that make it look like that collapse has already happened.

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