Should You Shoot Or Not A Home Invader?

should you shoot or not a home intruder

You will notice a repeating pattern if you watch enough gun-related media shows, study enough online firearms training videos, or attend enough training classes.

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The Best Folding Guns You Can Get

the best folding guns you can get

When it comes to firearms, like an AK-47, there are few features as cool, and more than often useful, as the ability to fold. Whether it’s for storage in your bug-out bag, concealment, or being able to use the firearm in a wider variety of scenarios, the ability to fold in some way is a great feature used in a large range of firearms designs.

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The Best and Worst Types of Firearms to Use for Home Defense

the best and worst types of firearms to use for home defense

Home invasion has become a severe threat due to the ongoing world situation, and having a way to defend your property and family from burglars is vital. The best solution is to have the proper tools to protect what’s yours. However, some weapons are better than others, and each firearm can be maneuvered with training.

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Seven Key Elements Your Home Defense Plan Needs

seven key elements your home defense plan needs

Home defense should not be taken lightly in these uncertain times. To be adequately prepared, you must have a comprehensive home defense plan that includes training, planning, and gear.

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Recommendations To Protect And Keep Seniors Safe In Their Homes

recommendations to protect and keep seniors safe in their homes

News stories abound of criminals taking advantage of elderly citizens. According to a study done by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2021, “About 83 percent of all crime experienced by the elderly was property crime.”

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Six Requirements For A Survival Firearm

six requirements for a survival firearm

The six basic requirements for a firearm to be classified as a survival firearm, and in this article, we will cover each requirement so that you can make an informed decision when picking a survival firearm.

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Different Types of Weapons/Tools to Have on Hand as a Prepper

different types of weaponstools to have on hand as a prepper

No matter what type of job you must position you in, you will always have work to complete. To complete this work, you must have tools. Each job will require different tools. This is the same when you are preparing for a disaster or working to survive.

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Why The AR-15 Is Great for Home Defense

ar15 war15gfhd 3

There is a debate going on about the usability of the AR-15 in a home defense scenario, and seeing that it is the most popular rifle in America today, we will try to shed some light on this topic.

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Preparing Your Home For Disaster

preparing your home for disaster

Thinking back over the years, there have been many times certain foods and items have run out due to the good old tradition of “panic buying” when rumors of an impending disaster hit the news. But prepping your household is more than just buying stuff to last you until things return to normal.

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Tips To Protect Your Homestead

tips to protect your homestead

When considering homestead security, most think of livestock first. Pesky predators pervade the property, thus securing the stock is a priority. Meanwhile, the overall security of a home may be neglected or completely overlooked, particularly in remote areas with lower crime rates.

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Family Safety 101: Why a Home Security System Isn’t Enough

family safety 101 why a home security system isnt enough

Every family’s priority is keeping themselves and their belongings safe. Sound safety practices begin with a safe and secure home, which is why you often hear about the importance of using a home security system.

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Three Drills For Home Defense You Should Master

three drills for home defense you should master

You bought a handgun for self-defense, and you’ve put a good amount of hours into a defensive shooting class. You did pretty much whatever any responsible gun owner should do. But is that enough? How do you maintain those critical skills? How do you practice?

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Pros And Cons of Various Firearms For Home Defense

pros and cons of various firearms for home defense

So, you’ve been watching the crime-filled news. You’ve probably heard stories from neighbors or friends about home break-ins. Maybe you’ve even been the victim of a home invasion. And you’ve finally decided to purchase a firearm. Great!

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