Different Types of Weapons/Tools to Have on Hand as a Prepper

No matter what type of job you must position you in, you will always have work to complete. To complete this work, you must have tools. Each job will require different tools. This is the same when you are preparing for a disaster or working to survive.

The tools you need to have on hand as a prepper will have varying jobs to accomplish, but they are all needed to ensure your ability to survive any situation you may encounter. What different types of weapons should you have in your bunker?

Should you have extra AR-15’s or extra upper receivers chambered in a variety of easy to find calibers? The following list is not all-inclusive, but it is a good start for building up your personal arsenal.

The AR-15 is The Go To Choice For Many

Having an AR-15 or some other type of rifle on hand will give you the freedom and ability to go hunting for food to feed you and your family. Rifles in general are better at long range tasks, such as those you will be accomplishing when going hunting for elk, hog, or deer.

the ar 15 is the go to choice for many

The caliber a rifle carries will take down most anything you need. It is easy to carry with the proper strap (consider what type of strap will help you most in a dire situation). On top of that, it is well equipped to protect you from outside dangers, including other humans.

The accessories needed for a rifle are both easily accessible and cost effective. You will want to keep a good amount of ammunition, extra springs, cleaning supplies, and upper receivers on hand.

While not required, it will be helpful to have a rifle strap that you like. All these things will help ensure you are well prepared for hunting or defending.

While a simple bolt action rifle chambered in 30-06 or even .308 will be able to take pretty much any game in North America and be able to help you put food on the table in a survival situation, the AR-15 is a great alternative because of the modularity the platform provides.

With a simple upper receiver conversion, you can easily have a rifle chambered in the popular and easy to find .223/5.56 ammunition for home defense, varmint hunting, and even some deer while being able to swap to larger calibers like .300 blackout or 6.5 Grendel for larger game. This versatility between calibers, means you can always find ammunition for your rifle.

Additionally, with the large variety of accessories on the market, you can easily attach lights and optics to suit your needs. This can be more difficult with bolt action rifles. Not to mention, the light weight of an AR-15 compared to traditional bolt actions is a huge plus if you have to do a lot of hiking and is all around better for self-defense as well.

The Bow and Arrow Is Great for Quietly Hunting

the bow and arrow is great for quietly hunting

This may sound old-fashioned but having a bow and a set of arrows on hand will prove to be helpful if you are needing to attack or protect yourself from a predator. This type of weapon has been used for years, and you can even create one in a pinch out of things you find in the wild. It might not be as ideal for self-defense like a trusty rifle, but it is still a great tool to have on hand.

One of the main benefits of a bow and arrow is being able to hunt without making as much noise as you would with a rifle. It takes more skill and patience to use but can be quite effective once mastered.

This is a weapon that can work in proximity or from a farther distance. They are easy to assemble, arrows are relatively easy to replace, and you can easily stow away the bow and arrow in a pack as you are traveling. You can have extra types of these around without risking extra weight from heavy ammunition and an additional bag full of replacement accessories.

The bow and arrow can even be kept as a spare in case of emergency without adding to your financial burden or adding weight to your person. They are difficult to conceal when carrying them, but they are a silent and deadly weapon to have available to you in your arsenal if you ever need it.

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The Slingshot Is Difficult to Master but Easy to Make

Another great weapon to have on hand is a slingshot. Slingshots are very versatile and can be made from normal supplies lying around your home. If you are not wanting to do arts and crafts, you can purchase a bundle of premise slingshots from local stores like Walmart or Target.

They are not difficult tools to find or purchase. These are good tools to have on hand, especially for younger children. This is something they can learn to operate early on and will be able to use to help provide small game to eat. Slingshots are lightweight and small, so many can be packed away at once.

It takes some proficiency and skill to master the slingshot, but the amount of stealth and portability of this weapon makes up for it. While I definitely would not recommend this to be your first choice, it is a great option to have on hand.

A Walking Stick Is Not Just for The Elderly

This may be considered a little “out of the box,” but you always need a walking stick around! It helps you keep your balance while walking for long distances or up challenging terrain.

It can also be used to help you while hunting game, gathering food, and defending yourself against other humans or small predators. When it comes to this tool, your imagination is your only limit to how it can help you.

A heavy oak walking stick is a great option to keep on hand in conjunction with the other suggestions as it can be used in so many different ways while also helping you to fend off predators out in the wild in pinch.

Knives Are Great All-Around Tools for Work and Self Defense

knives are great all around tools for work and self defense

There is always a reason to keep one (or a few) knives on hand. From helping you open things, to preparing food, to self-defense. Personal preference and the reason you are going to be using your knife. Folding knives, fixed blade knives, throwing knives, swords, machetes, and axes; there are many options to choose from.

Each type of knife will have its advantages and disadvantages. Having one of each is not always a bad idea, but it may weigh your pack down if you are traveling. Having each type in your bunker or “home base” will increase the likelihood of your survival in the case of an Armageddon situation.

They will help you capture your food, prepare your food, and they will help you prepare shelter or protect yourself. How might you travel with or store all these different types of sharp items?

It is possible to get a carrying case for each of your knives, or to have one large one that they can all fit in. This will help protect you from undue harmful accidents, and it will help protect your knives from getting dull or rusted. Another tool to keep with your knives would be a knife sharpener.

This will assist you in keeping them ready for action when you need them most.

Knives are probably the second most important tool to have on hand next to your rifle as they can be used to skin game, cut rope, and a million other uses that will prove to be helpful in a survival scenario.


There are many different types of weapons on the market. These are only some, most of which will be easy to conceal when carrying it and when operating it.

Anything can be used in the event of an emergency; you just must use your imagination and make whatever tools you have work to your advantage. Having the weapons listed above in your bunker or your travel pack will prepare you for the worst.

You will be ready to hunt for your food, prepare your food, prepare a shelter, and provide protection, all for you and your family.

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