The Psychology Of Survival In A Group

the psychology of survival in a group

It’s rush hour in New York. The Blue Line of the Metro Rail has just left the station when something unexpected happens. Initially, you and your fellow commuters attribute the vibrations to a bumpy stretch of track, possibly due to construction. People grip their belongings a bit tighter, thinking it’s a minor issue.

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What You Should Know When Using Vehicles For Cover

what you should know when using vehicles for cover

For over a century, automobiles have played a significant role in gunfights, marking a tumultuous era where the symphony of the Roaring ’20s intertwined with the staccato rhythm of Tommy Guns and the ominous hum of black sedans.

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Concealed Carry Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

concealed carry mistakes you shouldn't make

Our country is currently in an unpleasant state of uncertainty and confusion. As a result, tens of thousands of worried citizens are arming themselves with hidden firearms. However, a lot of folks are making concealed carry mistakes that they will end up regretting one day.

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How To Keep Your Family Safe In The Event Of Terror Attacks

how to keep your family safe in the event of terror attacks

Terrorism is all around us. While the terror attacks of recent history have happened overseas, this was only a convenience for terrorists, as the targets were closer.

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Top Customizable Shotguns You Should Give A Try

top customizable shotguns

With such a proliferation of affordable and high-end ARs in the market it’s easy to overlook other options as your go to firearm. Although they are excellent for home defense, recreational and competitive sport, and hunting, most shotguns are relegated to either hunting birds on the wing or home defense.

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How The Year 2020 Changed The Way Preppers Are Seen

how the year 2020 changed the way preppers are seen

From the first time I’ve heard about survivalists and preppers, I’ve always felt there is a stigma associated with emergency preparedness. In fact, preppers and survivalists have been called paranoid, doomers, and downright crazy. Have those perceptions changed lately, and am I the only one seeing a change in how the general public now sees us?

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Survival Hydration – Surviving With A Minimum Amount Of Water

survival hydration surviving with a minimum amount of water

Water is ever-present on our planet in both liquid and solid forms, and without it, life would not be possible. Since humans are composed mostly of water, this is one resource we just can’t do without, and we need it daily to live comfortably.

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Eating Slugs And Snails For Survival

eating slugs and snails for survival

In a survival situation, insects are far more beneficial to harvest than trying to catch meat. But there is one type of bush tucker slithering around in the undergrowth that you may be a bit more adventurous at tackling, and that’s slugs and snails.

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The Basics of Concealed Carry Clothing

the basics of concealed carry clothing

Wearing concealed carry clothing doesn’t matter as much when you’re carrying an AR15 with a tactically configured upper receiver and body armor in the field in a combat or dynamic personal defense situation.

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The Best Survival Knives in 2022

the best survival knives in 2022

As many avid survivalists will tell you, having well-stocked food and water supplies is essential. These same survivalists will also mention having ample ammunition and dependable firearms at the ready. If you’re beginning your prepper journey, including a pistol and a month’s supply of ammunition is something you’ll undoubtedly want to include in your bug-out supplies. 

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Building Traps and Snares

building traps and snares

Hunting is a labor-intensive endeavor which burns calories that need to be replaced in order to survive. It may take days to track and kill an animal, plus in times of food shortages, competition with other hunters will be fierce.

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Different Types of Weapons/Tools to Have on Hand as a Prepper

different types of weaponstools to have on hand as a prepper

No matter what type of job you must position you in, you will always have work to complete. To complete this work, you must have tools. Each job will require different tools. This is the same when you are preparing for a disaster or working to survive.

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How To Prepare For Emergency Evacuation

how to prepare for emergency evacuation

Learning how to properly evacuate from your home and region is a critical step not only for preppers but for anyone living in disaster-prone areas. If there is a history of natural disasters occurring in your region or if you believe your home won’t be safe when the brown stuff hits the fan, you should be able to prepare your family for potentially having to evacuate someday.

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