Survival Lessons From The Mountain Men: Courage, Tenacity, and Grit

Survival Lessons From The Mountain Men

The early fur trappers who worked the icy streams of the Rocky Mountains lived a hard, lonely life. With the westward push of pioneers and gold seekers still years in the coming, the trappers of the early 18008 had the alpine meadows, the craggy peaks, and the rolling hills of the high country virtually all to themselves.

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Rope Making and Usage In The Wilderness

Rope necessity making and usage in the wilderness

The rope is one of the oldest tools known to man. For thousands of years, man has twisted vines and plant fibers to make rope. Primitive man first used rope to bind simple tools to handles.

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Survival Foraging and Community Gardens

Survival foraging in public parks

When survival foraging is on my “TO DO” list for the week, I often referred to, what I call a rule of fair foraging, “Reap where you did not sow, but only if it would otherwise go unused unless you take it?” And it’s amazing how much goes unused . . . especially in community gardens.

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Survivalist – Who’s one, and why become one?

Old Survivalist

“Survivalist.” It’s a scary, dirty word to some people. They see images of camo-clad, gun-waving fanatics and criminals whenever its mentioned. It seems—if you believe everything you read, see or hear in the news media—that there are a lot of criminals, racists. right-wing extremists, psychos, and assorted other undesirables displaying poor judgment and bad character, who consider themselves “survivalists.”

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