How To Stay Warm During Emergencies

how to stay warm during emergencies

Disruptions in services during a disaster can be deadly to those who are not prepared for them. If the disaster occurs in winter, staying warm is likely the most urgent non-medical problem we may face.

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What You Need to Know About Survival Preparedness

what you need to know about survival preparedness

The numbers of preppers seem to be growing and the pandemic may have been a decisive factor in making people understand that we have little to no control over our future. What we do have control over is how well we prepare to withstand the next crisis.

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15 Of The Most Common Wilderness Survival Myths

15 of the most common wilderness survival myths

I’ve been a prepper for a while now, and everyone that knows me can swear that I would rather spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors rather than living in the concrete jungle. Over the years, I’ve heard many wilderness survival myths, and there are many versions circulating out there that make people believe everything is possible in the outdoors.

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Putting Together A Seventy-two-hour Kit And Other Tips

putting together a seventy two hour kit and other tips

As someone who has established a self-sufficient lifestyle, you understand the world you live in has no certainties. Storms may damage your food and water supplies, a particularly harsh winter may readily deplete your heating sources, and a power grid failure can put a strain on even the most eco-friendly homes.

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Preparing Your Home For Disaster

preparing your home for disaster

Thinking back over the years, there have been many times certain foods and items have run out due to the good old tradition of “panic buying” when rumors of an impending disaster hit the news. But prepping your household is more than just buying stuff to last you until things return to normal.

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How To Survive If You Get Stranded On An Island

how to survive if you get stranded on an island

Unfortunately, Gilligan’s Island is not what most people would experience if stranded, and as those who’ve been stranded can attest, it takes willpower and tenacity to survive.

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Emergency Signal Essentials To Call For Help

emergency signal essentials to call for help

You’re stranded in the middle of nowhere, injured and without help in sight. Your cell phone has no signal and is not going to be the lifeline you were counting on it to be.

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Wild Edibles Foraging For Quick Meals

wild edibles foraging for quick meals

You can’t walk through a field, forest, swamp, or even your own backyard without passing by (or stepping) on wild edible plants. There are various types of wild edibles all around us, and the trick for a meal on the go is to know what to look for.

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What To Do When The Power Grid Goes Down

what to do when the power grid goes down

We take electricity for granted on a daily basis. In fact, the mere sounds of the refrigerator humming along and the ceiling fan whirling above are just white noise, things in modern life we’re so used to that they don’t even register anymore.

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Is A Cave A Good Bug Out Shelter?

is a cave a good bug out shelter

Code blue! You need to bug out to keep your loved ones safe. You head for the hills, and luckily you find a cave. Can you stay in it? Is it smart to do so?

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Four Favorite Survival Foods Of Preppers You Can Make At Home

four favorite survival foods of preppers you can make at home

In North America in the 17th and 18th centuries, every day was a survival situation for most people. High-calorie foods that would keep in all weather and stay fresh for long periods of time were a hot commodity. The flavor wasn’t a high priority, but calories and durability were.

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Tips for Squirrel Hunting – A Practical Protein In The Wilderness

Tips For Squirrel Hunting

As deer became more abundant, we left squirrel hunting by the wayside and hunted deer almost exclusively. But as of late, American hunters are remembering how fun and practical squirrel hunting can be and are realizing how good squirrel can taste when prepared correctly.

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Tips You Should Know Before Buying A Tractor

Tips You Should Know Before Buying A Tractor

To a food plotter, buying a tractor is a decision that’s probably second only to buying or leasing the right hunting property, and for a good reason. Your tractor is the power center for your entire food plot operation

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