Illuminate Your Outdoor Space: 10 Creative Lighting Ideas for a Stunning Ambiance in New Jersey

illuminate your outdoor space 10 creative lighting ideas for a stunning ambiance in new jersey

In the Garden State, we are graced with a rich diversity of stunning landscapes and a myriad of outdoor spaces. Our state is a lush tapestry of sprawling lawns, picturesque gardens, quaint patios, and cozy balconies, each offering their unique charm and potential.

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Tips For Harvesting And Using Chokecherries

tips for harvesting and using chokecherries

As chokecherries are found in nearly every state and climate, it’s no wonder that Native Americans (who really lived self-reliance to the max) of most tribes used them extensively. And, like ancient Indians, we also rely on these fruits of the wild orchard.

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Homestead Uses For Diatomaceous Earth You Should Know

homestead uses for diatomaceous earth you should know

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is one of the most useful products you can have at your homestead, small farm, or even around the house. That might sound like a pretty bold statement, but if you’ve never heard of DE and its wide range of uses, you’ve been missing out.

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A Few Historic American Stews You Should Try

a few historic american stews you should try

Traditional meat stews have existed since before the written word. Hunter-gatherers worldwide would boil what they could find in a hollowed rock, an animal skin or, later, in clay pots. Different regions of the world developed different styles of stew using local ingredients.

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A Few Tips To Protect Gardens From The Japanese Beetle

a few tips to protect gardens from the japanese beetle

Growing along my front porch, a Virginia creeper rises up from the ground 10 feet below. It twists around 6×6-inch porch support, and once reaching the railing, branches are trained left and right to provide the south-facing porch deck some protective shade during the summer.

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How To Maximize Your Microclimate

how to maximize your microclimate

Natural environments evolve effortlessly, so why oh why do we have problem areas in our gardens? Everywhere else on earth, these areas are simply places for something different to colonize. By identifying different microclimates in our gardens, we can turn these challenging areas into assets. Even better, we can increase the range of plants that will grow in our yards.

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The Quest For Perfect Hogs For Your Homestead

The Quest Fo Perfect Hogs For Your Homestead

From the first pigs introduced by Christopher Columbus and Hernando De Soto up until 50 years ago, hogs in America were a diverse lot. Breeds from all across Europe and the Far East were imported by various cargo ships that docked along the East Coast.

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Solar Power Requirements For An Off-Grid Home

Solar Power Requirements For An Off Grid Home

Most of us, at one point or another, dream of owning a cabin in the backwoods. Be it a hunting camp, a vacation spot, or a place to live for all or part of the year, and such a lifestyle is appealing to just about anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

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The Art Of Making Maple Syrup

The Art Of Making Maple Syrup

The abundance of the maple tree (sugar, syrup, etc.) has been used for what seems an eternity. My Native American ancestors tapped these trees long before the first Europeans set foot on this land, but once they arrived, these early pioneers soon learned the value of maple syrup.

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Freezing Your Homegrown Produce – Essential Tips and Tricks

Freezing Your Homegrown Produce – Essential Tips And Tricks

Every homestead exploits various techniques for preserving homegrown produce since having a well-provisioned home is a fantastic convenience. In the winter, when your pantry is stocked, and your freezer is full, you won’t have to go to the grocery store to buy organic produce.

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