How To Use Herbal Remedies Safely

how to use herbal remedies safely

Herbal remedies have gained popularity for one key reason: they tend to be safer and produce fewer side effects compared to their conventional counterparts. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to recognize that herbal remedies are not universally risk-free and, like all types of medication, should be approached with caution.

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How To Overcome Survivor Guilt

how to overcome survivor guilt

You find yourself on a peaceful train journey, traveling from the bustling city of Minneapolis to the charming town of Grand Rapids. In a sociable mood, you strike up a conversation with the woman seated across from you. The train ride is a bit shaky, but it’s nothing you haven’t experienced before.

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What You Should Know About Multivitamins

what you should know about multivitamins

During my childhood, I have vivid memories of my morning routine, which included savoring a delicious orange juice while simultaneously consuming a mysterious multicolored pill. This particular red pill fell into the same category as my daily rituals of tooth brushing, vegetable consumption, and outdoor adventures – all seemingly interconnected with the pursuit of well-being.

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How To Deal With The Most Common Skin Conditions In The Wilderness

how to deal with the most common skin conditions in the wilderness

In the wilderness, where nature’s raw beauty captivates the senses, lies a realm teeming with adventure and exploration, we are always vulnerable and we need to take care of ourselves. Amidst the untamed landscapes of sprawling forests and rugged mountains, a hidden danger lurks—one that may not be as apparent as the towering trees or rushing rivers.

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Grow These Native Perennials With Pharmaceutical Properties

grow these native perennials with pharmaceutical properties

Throughout the annals of history, the indigenous peoples of North America possessed an extraordinary knowledge of their surroundings, harnessing the power of the land’s diverse flora to alleviate ailments that befell them. These Native Americans, with their profound understanding of medicinal plants, forged a symbiotic relationship with the natural world around them, employing botanical remedies passed down from one generation to the next.

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The 5 Best Herbal Antibiotics You Should Use

the 5 best herbal antibiotics you should use

During the 1970s, there was a prevailing belief among experts that infectious diseases were almost completely conquered, thanks to the rapid advancements in antibiotic medicines. However, this perception has been proven grossly inaccurate as disease-causing bacteria have adapted and become resistant to modern medicine.

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How to use hemostatic agents

how to use hemostatic agents

Achieving hemostasis, also known as rapidly stopping bleeding, is a crucial skill that the survival medic must master. In survival situations, bleeding can stem from a range of sources, including falls on rough terrain or confrontations with hostile groups. If bleeding wounds are not treated effectively, it can result in avoidable fatalities among survivors.

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What To Do When There Is No Dentist

what to do when there is no dentist

Savoring a meal with a picturesque backdrop from your remote abode, you suddenly hear a loud snap as you bite down on a nut, followed by agonizing pain from a fractured tooth. While this may seem like an uncommon occurrence, dental emergencies can strike unexpectedly, whether at home or in the wilderness, and can swiftly incapacitate an individual.

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Dealing With Pregnancy and Childbirth When SHTF

dealing with pregnancy and childbirth when shtf

Under normal circumstances, news of an expectant mother glowing with the radiance of pregnancy is a joyous occasion, typically marked with celebration, tears of happiness, and mailed birth announcements. However, when the proverbial brown stuff hits the fan, dealing with pregnancy and childbirth is a pressing and stressful situation.

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How To Deal With Traumatic Injuries In The Field

how to deal with violent injuries in the field

The most lethal poison known to man is testosterone. It is not by chance that men make up 93 percent of the federal prison population. Most guys, as any woman will tell you, are infantile and self-destructive—sometimes for hours on end.

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Medical Procedure – IV Basics For The Prepper Medic

medical procedure iv basics for the prepper medic

The prepper with medical training must deal with a wide range of medical issues. When you don’t have access to modern medical facilities, bleeding, broken bones, burns, and infections can pose serious problems.

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Recognizing And Dealing With Shock

recognizing and dealing with shock

Shock can have many different meanings. A movie’s plot twist could be shocking to some. Touching a live wire could result in a shock. You may be in shock as a result of the death of a loved one or as a result of trauma. Shock, in my opinion, is a terrifying term that predicts poor outcomes despite our best medical efforts.

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How To Prevent And Treat Common Winter Injuries

how to prevent and treat common winter injuries

Winter can be a time of joy and wonder, but it can also be a challenging season for the outdoorsy person. Winter injuries are a common occurrence for those spending time in the great outdoors, and it doesn’t need to be all that cold for some of the winter injuries we will cover today to impact your health.

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