Making Wild Jelly For The Family

making wild jelly for the family

A variety of gorgeous blooms and berries not only catch the eye but also offer a delightful taste. Personally, I take great pleasure in gathering elderberries, the delicate blooms of common blue violets, the vibrant blossoms of redbud trees, and the autumn olive berries.

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Roadkill Cuisine – Eating Roadkill When Nothing Else Is Available

roadkill cuisine eating roadkill when nothing else is available

There are plenty of good reasons to pick up roadkill from the streets whenever possible. From a moral standpoint, it’s just not right to let an animal die for no reason and leave it to decay on the road when there are people in our country going hungry every night.

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How To Fill Your Belly On A Budget

how to fill your belly on a budget

Let’s face the facts – specialized survival food comes at a steep price. Regardless of the name brands you might consider, dehydrated or freeze-dried food options are quite costly. If you want true sticker shock, check out MREs (Meals Ready to Eat). It might take you most of their shelf life to save up enough money to invest in a few pallets of MREs for the long haul.

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Dog Food As Survival Food?

dog food as survival food

For the majority of individuals, the mere notion of willingly consuming dog food elicits a strong sense of revulsion. Despite our pets’ endearing qualities such as cuteness, charm, playfulness, and their status as cherished members of our families (sometimes even surpassing certain humans), dogs can possess rather repulsive habits.

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Hunting And Eating Reptiles For Survival

hunting and eating reptiles for survival

Perhaps you find yourself drawn to the idea of embracing your survivalist instincts, envisioning a life immersed in nature and self-sufficiency when society inevitably crumbles. Alternatively, you might simply be an ardent outdoors enthusiast who thrives in the wilderness long before any doomsday scenario unfolds.

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Edible Desert Plants You Can Safely Use When There’s No Food

edible desert plants you can safely use when there's no food

The United States of America is home to some of the most diverse and fascinating landscapes on the planet, and the deserts are no exception. These arid regions cover vast swathes of land across the country, with some major areas being particularly renowned for their unique flora.

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Canning Chicken – Here’s Ho To Do It

canning chicken here's ho to do it

As a child, my family lived in a rural area without the convenience of deep-freezers powered by electricity. This meant that my mom and grandma had to can food out of necessity, including my mom’s prized creation of home-canned chicken. Canning chicken is an economical and reliable way for those who raise chickens to make use of surplus meat.

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Food Storage Plan For The Long Run

food storage plan for the long run

When my husband and I decided to create a food storage plan for the long run, we initially focused on stocking up on white rice. We calculated the amount of rice we would need if it was the only food we had to consume for a whole year, and then purchased that quantity. However, I would not recommend this approach to others. Not only did we end up with an excessive amount of rice, but we also failed to consider the importance of a well-rounded diet.

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Survival Foods of the Native Americans

survival foods of the native americans

Native Americans have lived on the land that is now known as the United States for thousands of years, and their survival has been dependent on their ability to find food in their environment.

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The Most Common Survival Foods You Should Learn How To Prepare

the most common survival foods you should learn how to prepare

Modern survival foods include MREs and emergency ration bars. These bug-out-friendly items can be stored for extended periods of time and provide sustaining nutrition, which are two critical requirements for survival food.

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Food Prepping Recommendations For People With Dietary Restrictions

food prepping recommendations for people with dietary restrictions

When it comes to the food we eat, things have changed dramatically over the years. Food intolerances, allergies, and special diets are all common nowadays. More and more people need to eliminate entire food groups from their diets.

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How To Maintain Healthy Soil With Crop Rotation

how to maintain healthy soil with crop rotation

One important rule of organic gardening states that you should rotate plant families as much as possible from one season to the next, so that related crops are not planted in the same location more than every three years or so.

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Long-Term Food Options From Your Grocery Store

long term food options from your grocery store

People should face the facts and understand that survival food is quite expensive, and it’s not a feasible option for those wanting to equip their survival pantry. We should look at other options for stockpiling food, like, for example, the foods you find at your grocery store.

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