3 Things You Need To Bug Out Of Oakland When Things Get Bad

3 Things You Need To Bug Out Of Oakland When Things Get BadIn the event that a major disaster strikes your home city of Oakland, your only option may be to bug out to safety. Whether you chose to bug out on your own terms or you are ordered by local authorities to leave your home, make sure you have everything covered. Survival for you and your loved ones may depend on the preparations you make.

Bugging out of any major city is bound to be a significant hassle. As Outdoorsy notes, Oakland is “the largest city in the East Bay,” which means you’ll undoubtedly have to contend with heavy traffic.

Granted, bugging out is not always the safest option for when disaster strikes. Bugging out means abandoning your home, your property, and your supplies, and it also means making yourself vulnerable on the open road.

But still, if death is certain or heavily likely if you stay, or if you are ordered to leave by the authorities, then bugging out is going to be your only option.

Here are three things you need to bug out of Oakland for when things get bad:

1.A Designated Bug Out Vehicle

The first thing that you are going to need is a designated bug out vehicle. Your bug out vehicle needs to fulfill a variety of important criteria, including:

  • It must be able to carry everyone in your family
  • Your BOV must also be able to carry enough supplies and essentials to help you survive for three days
  • It should ideally be 4WD or AWD, so it’s better to use on dirt roads/hilly terrain

If you don’t yet own a vehicle that meets the above criteria, you should give strong consideration to purchasing a new vehicle.

If your preparedness plan includes a long distance bug out, there are specific considerations you need to pay attention to. They are mandatory if you want to reach your safe haven.  Bugging out without having a decent preparation plan and a specific target is just a gamble and you’re betting with your own safety.

While many people have no other choice than rushing to the woods if it hits the fan, there are those who have invested a lot of time and money in a secure bug out location. Even if you managed to build a bug out place in a secluded area, there is still one significant obstacle you need to face; the long distance you have to travel to get there safe.

2. A Destination

You can’t just bug out without any idea of where you’re going to go. This is why you need to have a clearly defined destination as part of your bug out plans.

As with your bug out vehicle, your chosen destination needs to meet a select criteria as well, including:

  • It must be within a drivable distance from your current location (ideally within one hundred miles)
  • The safe place must be outside the city or urbanized areas (so it’s outside of danger)
  • It should be somewhere concealed and hidden so other people can’t find it

You may decide that your bug out destination should be a friend or relative’s house outside of town. Just make sure you receive their permission first.

If you need to select a bug out location or a survival retreat, there are two main options: small town or isolated. The former depends on some form of local infrastructure while the latter is designed to be completely self-sufficient and self-contained. Before you conclude which approach is right for your family, you should know about the pros and cons of each retreat.

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Most folks say that once it hits the fan, they will grab their bug out bag and head for the hills. They are certain that bugging out into the woods is their only chance of survival. Even more, they say that they will live in the wilderness for the rest of their lives or until things get back to normal. Things are much more complicated than most people assume and there are a few things you should really consider before bugging out into the woods. If you do not follow a precise plan and pay attention to the rules, your extended camping trip may end sooner than expected.

There is an increasing survival-themed trend promoted by Hollywood and general media and they usually paint an idyllic picture of living off the land. The heroes of such productions are often depicted as experts and they all manage to provide all the necessities without a struggle. They always prevail in the end and they make everything seem easy. This is why most people believe that could pull it off as well as long as they have the needed gear and knowledge.

3. Three Routes For Getting To Your Destination

You’ll also want to memorize at least three different routes for getting to your destination in the event that one gets clogged with traffic or cut off by the authorities. Each route must be connected so you can pull off one to get to the other.

One tip to avoid heavy traffic will be to bug out before things truly get bad. If there’s a tsunami on the way, for example, you should be leaving in the days beforehand.

I’ve said it before and I will repeat it: you can’t bug out successfully without having a plan and a timeline, and without testing them. You can design your own bug out timeline according to your environment, family members or any other friendly joining the bug out party, road obstacles, etc.

Bugging out successfully is a matter of training, there is no such thing as luck or being tough. If you know what to do and if you stick to your bug out timeline, you will reach your bug out location safely.

Bugging Out When Things Get Bad

Again, bugging out isn’t always the best option for when things get bad. But if you are ever forced to bug out during a disaster, the above three things will help make you significantly more prepared.

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1 thought on “3 Things You Need To Bug Out Of Oakland When Things Get Bad”

  1. A bug out vehicle as described is of high importance. Having a plan if that vehicle is no longer capable of moving you is at least as important, since the odds of you making it all the way to your destination is not 100%, and the more severe the disaster, the lower those odds get.

    “3 days” is not a magical target. It is a governmental recommendation, which should tell you everything you need to know about it. Figure out how long it will take you to get to your destination, worst case. That is the number of days to plan for. And plan that your vehicle could be stalled somewhere along your journey, so have the bare minimum packed up and ready to grab at a moments notice.


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