6 Electricity Generators You Need To Have In Your Bug Out Bag

Preppers will - 6 Electricity Generators You Need in Your Bug Out Bag When it comes to creating electricity off the grid, there are many solutions available for you. There are electricity generators for your home but also for your mobile needs. If you are mobile and you need to find electricity generators for your bug out bag, here are our options.

You have to rely on the classic batteries or rechargeable batteries. Luckily, there are some newly developed solutions available out there. Most of these electricity generators are unknown to preppers. You will see them in them below and decide if they are the right electricity generators for you.

For all the solutions researched, we had two things in mind: mobility and portability. If you can’t carry it with you in your BOB, then it is of no use. You might want to look for something else.

Most preppers will need a power generator or charging device to power up their portable devices. Phones, tables, flashlights and UV Water filters, they all require power to work

Portable electricity generators for your bug out bag

Electricity generators – Biolite Camp Stove

Preppers will - biolite stove charger This innovative device has been launched in 2012. Besides being a camping stove, it’s also a power generator able to create electricity. It will help you charge led lights, mobile phones or any other device that you may carry with you.

You can cook meals and boil water while charging your phone at the same time. It uses as fuel any biomass you can find, from sticks to pinecones. It is portable and compact, having a design that allows it to nest inside itself, saving space in your BOB.

The technology behind it is pretty simple and effective. The device uses the heat from the fire and converts it into electricity via a thermoelectric generator. Output: 2W, 5 V continuous, 4W, 5V at peak. The biolite camp stove can be acquired from Amazon.

Electricity generators – Biolite PowerPot

Preppers will - powerpot charger  The PowerPot is a thermoelectric generator that uses heat to generate electricity. It is similar to the biolite camp stove.  The device has no moving parts or batteries and it is light (14 oz). Since the thermoelectric technology is built into the bottom of the pot, it can produce electricity from a wide variety of heat sources.

All you need to do is add water and place the PowerPot on fire. The device will start generating electricity within seconds. Just plug in the high-temperature cable to the back of the pot to charge your USB devices while cooking or boiling water. This device has a built-in regulator which ensures that you safely charge your USB devices.

The higher the temperature difference between the water in the pot and the bottom of the pot, the more electricity the PowerPot will produce.  For example, melting snow is a great way to generate electricity, because snow is so much colder than a flame. Output: 5W, 5V. This too can be acquired from Amazon.

Electricity generators – SolarMonkey Adventurer Solar Charger

Preppers will - Solarmonkey charger This is a portable, lightweight (0.9 oz) solar panel designed to charge smartphones, GPS, LED lamps and other devices. Based on product specifications, it can charge an iPhone 6 in 3-4 hours and a GPS system in 2-3 hours. The solar panels are housed in an aluminum case that acts as a heat-sync. This makes the panel both efficient and hard-wearing.

It can charge devices even in low light conditions thanks to the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) technology included.  The non-reflective, photovoltaic solar panels are sturdy enough to take the general knocks and spills. The solar panel can open at a 225-degree angle. This enables to fit it around your bug out bag or along the roof of your tent. Output: 5W, 5 V. The SolarMonkey charger can be found on Amazon.

Another smart thing you could do is choose a backpack with an incorporated solar panel. These solar backpacks are great for camping trips or any other journey. Ideal for times where you could find yourself without the commodities of the modern world.

Electricity generators – Rawlemon Beta.ey S Solar Charger

Preppers will - solar charger  Rawlemon is a company that designed and holds the patent for a unique solar charger. One that can track the movement of the sun and the moon to produce electricity. It also uses a better type of solar cells than regular solar panels. I’ve written about their main household generator here.

This company also produces portable chargers that feature the same technology for full environmental integration. The charger presented here, Beta.ey, combines three products. It has a revolutionary concentrator photovoltaic module and a whole transparent ball lens acting as an atmospheric lamp during the night.

It also includes a breakthrough, micro dual-axis tracking unit assembled with Multi-Junction high-efficiency solar cells. All of this into one photovoltaic module.

The device can charge all smartphones, tables and led based lighting devices you can think of. Output: 1,6 W, 5V. I must say that this small device looks really cool, just like his big brother. It can be acquired only from the manufacturer’s web page.

Electricity generators – Pedal Power Box Generator

Preppers will - Power box charger  This generator has two functions: it produces electricity and it keeps you in shape. The Power Box is a pedal generator that can be used with your legs or arms. It generates electricity as you pedal, like on a stationary bicycle.

Charge the batteries of a full range of portable electronics. Or, charge external batteries to power laptops and all kinds of appliances — either directly from the batteries or through an inverter. The Power Box has a universal outlet. This device allows you to plug in chargers from anywhere in the world to charge your portable electronics.

It is a powerful and versatile generator that can produce up to 20 watts. It can become a great addition to emergency and survival kits. The best thing about this device is that it can charge more than two devices at the same time. It doesn’t rely on sunlight to generate electricity.

For some, the downside of this generator might be its weight. Adding 4 pounds to your bug out bag can significantly increase its overall weight. Output: 20W, 120V. You can check it out as well on Amazon.

Electricity generators – Pocket Socket Manual Crank Generator

Preppers will - Pocket Socket Manual Crank Generator  This is another one of those electricity generators that will leave you tired, with arms feeling numb. It is a hand powered generator that has the same style electrical socket found in every American home.

With it, you can generate up to 10 watts of electricity for any rechargeable devices. It can recharge mobile phones, led lanterns, ham radios, walkie-talkies, radios, UV water purifiers, and GPS. It features a large, sturdy crank arm with an easy-to-grip knob.

The device will be used left or right-handed and cranked clockwise or counterclockwise. It is lightweight (15 oz) and portable. Since it doesn’t require sunlight to work, it can be an excellent addition to your bug out bag. The Pocket Socket generator is available on Amazon.

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Besides these power generators, there are also some based on fuel cells. However, I’ve chosen not to list them here as most of them require additional costs. Things such as fuel cells that need charging and/or changing. There are even some hydro portable generators prototypes that are currently under development. Unfortunately, we still have to wait for those to be available on the market.

In the end, we have to keep in mind that a good generator has to be durable and lightweight. It has to function under any circumstances, regardless of the weather conditions. And last but not least, it doesn’t have to cost a ton of money.

Stay safe and God Bless!

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