Body Targets To Exploit In Self-Defense

Body Targets To Exploit In Self-DefenseProper self-defense training is required to survive out there. You may not always carry actual weapons to defend yourself. Maybe the law is against you or maybe you are in a country in which firearms are illegal. Therefore, knowing which body points to exploit in self-defense should be minimum knolwedge for everyone.

Regardless of the reason, you sometimes have to use brute force to defend yourself. If you know which the best body targets to exploit in self-defense are, you might live to tell the story of how it all went down.

The following self-defense techniques are intended only for self-defense. The goal of exploiting these body targets is to stop your opponent. You should not use these techniques with the intention to cause real harm (under the law, you may only use reasonable force to defend yourself).

You also have to keep in mind that if you introduce actual physical violence into a confrontation, the situation may escalate. There is no guarantee that you will emerge unhurt from a confrontation as violence leads to violence.

You can find below the body targets you should exploit during a self-defense situation.

Body points to exploit in self-defense


The eyes are a very sensitive part of the bodyand are ideal body points to exploit in self-defense. During self-defense scenario even a speck of grit in your eye, as most people know, can be extremely painful and immobilize you completely for a few seconds. This is a small target on the body, but the socket helps guide a blow into the eye.

If you manage to apply a blow to the eyes your attacker will become defenseless for a few seconds. Is just enough time for you to escape or to apply a second blow at another part of the body.


The nose is a prominent part of the body that can be hit from several angles. It is usually the main body part that people target during a fight and if exploited correctly during a self-defense situation, it can stop your attacker for good.

Lifting the nose from beneath may force the attacker to raise their head, exposing the throat. You need to apply a hard blow to the nose as it will cause a lot of pain for the attacker and it will also cause the eyes to water. If a nosebleed starts during the fight, the attacker may give up.


The ears are a limited target, just like the eyes. However, these are good body parts to exploit in self-defense. The good part is that you can grab and twist the years during self-defense. Since they carry a lot of blood, they will bleed profusely if torn. Another good self-defense technique in a survival situation is cupping your hands and slapping them vigorously over the ears.

This can be very painful and it may do permanent damage. In order to apply this blow your opponent must be defenseless for a few seconds, otherwise it will see it coming and the attack can fail.

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The throat is a particularly vulnerable area that will incapacitate your attacker. A good blow to the throat is very painful, but also very dangerous. To protect you throat, make sure your head is lowered during the fight. To expose the throat of the attacker you should try lifting the nose or pulling back the hair.

A powerful blow to the throat affects the thyroid cartilage and if the thyroid cartilage is crushed, the soft tissue of the throat swells and the victim dies of suffocation.


If you are in a dominant position during a self-defense situation, you should target the neck. Strangle holds may prevent air from entering the lungs and blood from reaching the brain. Your attacker will faint after a short period of time, but you must be very careful.

If you apply too much pressure for too long, you can kill your opponent. Another good self-defense technique is to apply a sharp blow on the back of the neck to stun your attacker. However, this may be harder to achieve as no opponent will turn his back on you.


This is a large soft area of the body that many self-defense experts recommend it as a main target. It is low enough to be attacked by the knee and most people don’t know how to protect it. For trained people, keeping their stomach firm during a fight is essential, but the majority of people have no muscle tone at all.

If you punch or kick your opponent in the stomach, you may leave the attacker winded and temporarily incapacitated. A good blow to the stomach will make the attacker to instinctively protect the targeted area, leaving the head exposed.

Solar Plexus

At the top of the stomach in the arch made by the ribs is a particularly sensitive area. If you know how to exploit this area during a self-defense situation, you will stop your opponent. It is recommended to hit this area because punching here will not hurt your hands and it will only cause pain for your attacker.


This body part of the lower abdomen is sensitive regardless the gender, but perhaps most sensitive are a man’s testicles. A well-aimed kick or knee will hurt either sex and it will stop the attacker. However, a man may be quite literally brought to his knees by the pain.

Those who experienced such pain know what I’m talking about. In self-defense classes designed specifically for women, it is recommended to grab, twist or pull the testicles. You can also strike them with a fist, knee or foot. Any blow to this area will cause a lot of pain.


The knee joint is a very delicate part of the body and it is a target exploited by trained people. A well-aimed downward kick might totally immobilize your attacker and such blow is known to cripple people. A blow to the inside of the knee (between the legs) is very painful. Even if you miss, scraping a hard shoe down the front of the shin will also do the trick.


This is another area that can be exploited with good use during a self-defense situation. In order to be effective, you must apply a blow in this region from behind. It might be difficult to do so, but if you manage to apply such a blow, you will cause great pain and breathlessness for your attacker.How to defend your family from looters

There are many other vulnerable parts of the body which can make suitable targets during self-defense. For example, all the joints are vulnerable and any hold which puts a strain on one or more can disable your opponent. Fingers can be bent, wrists twisted and elbows locked, but you need a little bit of training in order to do that.

You have to remember that there are two things you need to have in order to properly defend yourself: situational awareness and the element of surprise. Try to recognize danger and be one step ahead, think about the self-defense techniques you should apply before the situation develops and always train to avoid being caught unprepared.

You should do whatever you can to surprise your opponent, move quickly and don’t draw back the hand or leg to strike, the opponent will be able to see it coming.

I hope you never have to use the knowledge provided here, but in case you find yourself in a situation in which your body integrity is threatened, you have the right information to defend yourself.

A word of advice:

The information provided here is extremely dangerous and could result in serious injury or death. The knowledge regarding the body targets to exploit in self-defense should not be abused. Use it at your own risk.

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  1. This kind of information is great especially for the novice. It may make all the difference in a difficult situation.

    I’ve always stressed to my children as they were growing up things like, no matter how big and strong a person may be their eyes are as delicate and vulnerable as anyone elses.

    One cannot possess too much knowledge.

  2. Most intelligent women shluod learn a basic self defense strategy.Avoid potentially aggresive people who may harm you: whether male or female.Don’t attempt to be friends with a violent or emotionally unstable person.And never into an argument with someone physically larger than yourself.If someone who is larger than yourself uses entrapment or verbal commands to force you to do something, against your wishes, ignore them or leave a difficult relationship as soon as possible.

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