Honey Badger Wheel: Amazing All-terrain Solution For Off-gridders And Preppers

Prepper's Will - Honey Badger WheelSince I’m an avid promoter of off-grid living and an outdoor enthusiast, I try to discover and share new things that would make life easier for those who love these types of lifestyle. Something caught my attention this week and I decided to share my findings with my readers. This new invention is called the honey badger wheel and it is basically a pack mule solution for hunters, preppers, off-griders and anyone who loves the outdoors.

This ingenious invention aims to help those who hate struggling when exploring the great outdoors, Those that have a hard time when it comes to carrying heavy loads for more than a few miles over rough terrain.

The man responsible for this, Mike Merrell, got determined to invent an all-terrain stroller after being disappointed by what the market has to offer. By all those strollers that promised a great outdoor experience for you and your kids, but fail to deliver. This is how the honey badger wheel was born and after seeing the potential of its design, it became much more than a simple stroller.

Here are a few details regarding the physics behind the design and how it works:

“The load placed on the Honey Badger Wheel rests directly over the axle (Fulcrum) which eliminates load arm distance (X = Length to Fulcrum). The long distance of the effort arm (L = Length from Fulcrum) minimizes user effort (F = Force Required for Equilibrium) required to control or lift the cargo (W = Total Load). Add the use of our high quality efficient bicycle wheels, which are best to counter off-road resistance, and the Honey Badger Wheel becomes the All-Terrain Mechanical Advantage.”

Honey badgerThis means that anyone will be able to carry bulky items such as coolers or bug-out bags without effort and without having to worry about having to put extra force on the handlebars in order to move the honey badger wheel. Even more, the patented swivel design will make sure your cargo remains parallel to the ground in the resting or upright position.

One thing that I really need to mention is that there is also an electric assisted drive available for the honey badger wheel and this is a game changer in my opinion. While it can be of great help for mothers struggling to push the stroller in congested or hard accessible areas, I can’t help but think of the advantages this brings in an off-grid environment. Here are the details for the electric model as specified by the manufacturer: ‘The 500W 11 Ah electric drive is controlled with a thumb throttle so you have total control when you want to gain ground. It includes the 500W 8FUN Motor, 11 Ah Samsung Li-Ion Battery, Controller, Cabling, Thumb Throttle, and LCD Computer. The Li-Ion Battery also includes a USB charging port for all your mobile devices while you’re in the backcountry!

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It all sounds good so far, doesn’t it?

zzwcqI don’t know about you, but when I read about new inventions online, about new and exciting things that could be useful for me, I’m somehow skeptic until I reach the pricing section. As I was reading more and more into the honey badger wheel and seeing its potential, I was expecting to be slapped with an outrageous price tag, but to my surprise, it was nothing like that. You will be pleased to find out that the prices are more than reasonable and you can even buy just the frame, starting at $399. All you need to do is mount a wheel on it (standard bicycle wheels work great) and you got yourself a honey badger wheel ready to rock the outdoors.

There are many models from which you can pick the right one for you and in the end; it all depends on your budget. There is something for everyone and there are all sorts of accessories you can choose for your wheel.

The potential of the honey badger wheel

I couldn’t end this article without discussing about the potential of the honey badger as I see it for people like me. People who are concerned about the future and have their own plans for sorting things out when it hits the fan. Here are a few reasons why I find the honey badger wheel a useful invention for people like you and me.

Although I do not have kids, I imagine that pushing a stroller through the woods is no picnic and that many parents will give up, rather than struggling with an impractical stroller over rough terrain. This new invention would allow you to teach your kids a thing or two about the great outdoors without having to carry them in your arms or on your shoulders. You will be able to explore and enjoy nature with your kids without getting frustrated that the terrain is not suited for the young ones.

This is a good solution for those preppers that are not fit or for the “old timers”, and it will help them carry their heavy bug out bags over many miles without breaking a sweat. Since the honey badger wheel is lightweight and compact, you can store it in your car and have it ready for when the roads will be closed. Roll it out, put your bug-out bag on it and get to your destination safely. Even more, the electric model can be used by anyone and it provides miles and miles of hardcore hauling.

The honey badger wheel can become a good bug out ‘vehicle’ because is silent and can be used in all sorts of environment without attracting unwanted attention. Just like a bike, it can help you spread the heavy load and it will do all the carrying for you. Since it is compact and adjustable, you can even cache it somewhere safe, along your bug out route.

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Honey Badger Wheel for HuntersThe honey badger wheel is a great tool for hunters and it can become a reliable big game cart. If you are a hunter, you should know by now that many hunting sites do not allow motorized vehicles. Carrying your game becomes a struggle under these circumstances and unless you are fit, you will need all the help you can get to reach your car or hunting cabin. The Honey badger wheel will be allowed on most BLM propriety because it is not designated as a vehicle.

Accidents happen when exploring the great outdoors and this is a harsh reality. If someone from your group gets injured and needs to be transported back to camp you will need to do it fast and safely. Improvising a stretcher with what nature has to offer requires experience and takes time, time you might not have. Using a honey badger wheel to transport the injured one is a viable alternative and it can do the job without putting the wounded in danger.

Not all vehicles can travel on rough terrain and if you need to transport supplies to your mountain cabin or any other location that is not accessible by conventional means of transportation, you will need to carry everything on your back. The honey badger wheel will save your back from carrying a heavy loads and transporting supplies to remote locations will get easier.

These are just a few of the tasks that could be accomplished by using the honey badger wheel and I’m sure there is much more potential to it. Necessity is the mother of all inventions and having a reliable tool like the honey badger can become an important aid for off-gridders and preppers.

The honey badger wheel project was launched on Kickstarter last week and is gaining more and more popularity. If you would like to know more about it, you can visit the Kickstarter campaign by following this link.

You will find a lot more information on their campaign page and you will discover for yourself the potential of this great product. Make sure to back the project if you want to get your hands on the honey badger wheel.

Stay safe and God Bless!


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