Preparing for a Natural Disaster Easily At Home

Preparing for a Natural Disaster Easily At HomeA natural disaster is any naturally occurring event that is devastating to the environment and its population. More often than not, these disasters are unpredictable, and the best people can do is to be prepared. The recent accidents that have occurred all over the world are heart-wrenching and beyond horrifying to witness, let alone experience.

Despite governments from across the globe doing their best to plan for such incidents, they still occur and affect many people at once.

This should serve as a reminder that anyone, regardless of who you are, can fall victim to such disasters. As such, having some items stored away to prepare for an emergency is the best way to ensure you survive through the ordeal.

Disasters in the United States

It may be a storm, earthquake, whirlwind, volcanic eruption, blizzard, floods, or a tsunami, but your survival ultimately depends on you. Regardless of where you live, a natural disaster can strike at any time, but a large number of people often fail to prepare for such outcomes.

This great country of ours is the best place to live in, but we also have our share of disasters. FEMA constantly calls on a few hazards that can sometimes occur without warning. There are disaster zones everywhere, and each state is hit every year by these natural calamities. Check out America’s disaster zones and learn to prepare for what’s coming.

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 The most common disasters hitting our country year after year are hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, floods, blizzards, and earthquakes. Some of these occur without warning, leaving destroyed properties and lives in their wake.  Others can be predicted, and you are being given enough time to prepare and evacuate.

Regardless of how you look at things, the number one mistake you can make is living in denial. Don’t be one of those people that live in a bubble that think a natural disaster won’t affect them.  You will end up on a hospital bed or resting for good at the morgue.

What FEMA says

In the US, according to FEMA, more than 50% of American citizens are not equipped to deal with the fallout from natural disasters, and the few that are, often lack some of the essential supplies necessary for their survival. It is easy to say, “It cannot happen where I live?” and shrug it off. However, chemical warfare, nuclear radiation, and disease outbreaks are just a few of the disasters that are likely to affect you irrespective of your location.

To get a scope of what I mean, many people lost their lives in 2018 because of the California wildfire. Also, Indonesia experienced their highest annual death toll in over a decade from a deadly tsunami and an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 hit Papua New Guinea, province that brought about a massive landslide as a result of the aftershock. These are just a few of the natural disasters that happen all over the world each year. Natural disasters have led to an increased need for paper writer services as more and more people are left jobless.

With regard to being equipped to survive a disaster, you are expected to consider all the possible outcomes.

Here is a list of some items to have in your survival kit:


If you are not able to leave your house or get to a pharmacy, you should have some drugs, such as sedatives, antihistamines, antibiotics, and many others stored away. Make sure you keep an eye on their expiry dates regularly to guarantee that the medication you have is still fit for use.


Store at least three days’ worth of foods, ensuring that your food is not perishable and does not require refrigeration. Also, you ought to settle for foods that do not necessitate a lot of preparation. A good example is ready to eat foods, canned fruits, and snacks rich in energy. Also, you should consider anyone with special needs.


You had better not rely wholly on tap water, because it may get polluted or disconnected. Therefore, you should have some put in storage and always ensure that you change it consistently.

A first aid kit

Always make sure that you have a stocked first aid box, with all the essential. In most homes, a first aid kit is a must-have item that has helped save countless lives worldwide.

Important documents and items

Make it a habit to store your most essential documents in a safe and secure place. You should choose a place that is easily accessible when faced with a natural disaster. Also, store some cash as you may not be able to access money stored in banks.

Other miscellaneous items

Anything that you might need is in this category, ranging from match sticks to some tools. These are things that would greatly increase your chances of surviving a natural disaster. Just remember to keep all these items as light as possible so as not to slow you down.

Common sanitation products

Sanitation may seem insignificant at first, but if you have the time, why not pack some soap, disinfectant, and feminine products if need be.


You should protect yourself from the elements by staying warm at all times.  Therefore take at least one warm outfit, rain gear, durable sneakers/ boots or and some blankets, sleeping bags, and plastic utensils.

It may seem like a pointless endeavor at the moment collecting these miscellaneous items, but they may be what saves you when disaster strikes. Start preparing today for your survival.


Last year, the Annual Disaster Statistical review for 2016 was published. It provided some info that should make sane people think about the future. According to the report, our country is the second on the list of countries most frequently hit by natural disaster.

That being said, and taking into account that most people still choose to be oblivious, nonchalant, or just plain irrational about emergency preparedness, it should really make us think about where we are heading.

The behavior of many, which is often said to be a normalcy bias, makes the rest of us look like nut-jobs and paranoid people. However, assuming that a disaster won’t happen in our living area, in our lifetime, is pure denial and it can be dangerous behavior.

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