Smart Strategies To Keep A Low Profile During SHTF

Smart Strategies To Keep A Low Profile During SHTFDuring a crisis, it’s much better to avoid a problem than to deal with the consequences afterward. Avoidance is the key to survival and since anything can happen to anyone regardless of where they are, it is better to learn a few strategies that will help you keep a low profile during SHTF.

Every single day we make hundreds of decisions that will dictate the outcome of a specific situation. While the decisions we take under normal living conditions are of little importance, things change considerably during a survival scenario. Each decision we make can have a drastic impact on our lives. Thinking ahead, anticipating potential problems based on your environment and taking the right steps to avoid dangerous situation will become a way of life during a long-term crisis.

When the world around you is turned upside down and the people you think you know will become a threat, your best defense would be to stay out of sight and ride things out. Keeping a low profile during SHTF becomes a priority regardless if you are bugging in or bugging out.

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People should keep in mind that they are not superheroes. It’s not in their job description to wander outside and fix the problems. If you are bugging in, your primary job is to deal with and manage the effects of the crisis within your own home.

How to keep a low profile during SHTF:

1. If you decide to stay inside, do precisely that – stay indoors!

You should avoid going outside, unless absolutely necessary. If you prepared in advance, you should remain in your home and hold the fort. Walking around your neighborhood trying to find out how the situation is developing and scooping news from your neighbors is not smart and you may end up getting hurt or worse.

Stay inside and keep your family away from windows and doors if you want to keep a low profile during shtf.

2.Avoid interacting with people

During a crisis event that creates unstable elements of society, no interaction is the best interaction. If you must engage others, you should keep all communications brief. It is better if fewer people know about you, where you are, what supplies you have and the status of your family.

3.Avoid making new friends and maintain operational security

During a crisis scenario, you shouldn’t bring anyone into your home. If you must interact with someone, do it outside and don’t test your luck, keep it short. When you must bring a known person into your home, make sure they understand and agree to abide your rules. If you notice strange behavior or if the person looks suspicious it’s better to discuss at the door. During a survival situation, people will become desperate and even those that you know can turn against you.

4.Keep your supplies out of sight

You should never pile up your supplies in open spaces where they can be seen from a window or an open door. Your supplies should be stashed in places only you know about and if you plan to use the “pantry decoy method,” hide the supplies in plain sight.

5.If you need to run a generator, make sure it doesn’t do more harm than good

You should never run a generator in plain sight. The noise of the generator will give away your position and you need to mask its location if you installed it outside. Try to find ways to deflect the sound of your generator. Some people will use a muffler and an automotive exhaust to cut the noise down while others like the person in the video below will build a quiet box for their generator.

6. You should avoid cooking foods to keep a low profile during SHTF

During a crisis scenario, it is smart to eat prepared foods that do not require cooking. If you fire up the BBQ grill, the smell of food will be carried for long distances.You will be detected by the hungry roamers long before you can see them. Also, making the right fire type plays a vital role during a crisis scenario and you should learn about the different fire types you can build.

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7.Avoid using a light source at night if the power is out

Using lights at night will turn you into a salvation beacon for all the desperate people rooming outside. If you must use lights at night, get a few flashlights with red lenses to conserve night vision and use them frugally. Also, try to use candles as your eyes will adjust better to the dark when going outside compared to when using artificial lights. You should plan and complete all tasks during daylight hours. It is mandatory if you want to keep a low profile during SHTF when there is no power.

The lost ways of living - Check it out!8.Keep all exterior doors, windows and gates closed and locked

If one of your family members doesn’t respect this rule, it can compromise the security of your home. You should make it harder for people to get in during a survival situation and not more accessible. All windows shades and curtains must be kept closed to keep snooping eyes at bay.

9.Don’t engage strangers, no matter how pathetic or helpless they may seem

Bad guys can act and play the victim role just to get what they want. They will try to look convincing when asking for a glass of water just to gather information about you and your family. Even the helpless teenager that looks thirsty may be part of a much larger group trying to figure out if you are a good target.

10.Learn how to deal with survival sanitation

Disposing of waste can be tricky when you’re in lock-down mode. You need to make sure you know how to deal with sanitation during a crisis event. All traces of trash and human waste can give away your position if not handled properly. To keep a low profile during SHTF, you will need to dispose of waste properly.

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11.Keep your kids busy if you want to keep a low profile during SHTF

Some kids are well-behaved while others can be a handful. Regardless of what personality your kids have, one thing is sure, a bored kid will start acting up and you will have another problem to deal with. You need to find ways to keep your kids busy so that you can deal with the more important stuff. Planning activities for the younger ones shouldn’t be that hard. Everything from reading books, to game puzzles or even coloring books can keep them busy for quite some time. Knowing what your kids like and learning how to pull their strings will help you control them during a crisis scenario.

12.Your pets, your downfall

This is probably one of the hardest things you have to deal with during a survival situation if you want to stay under the radar. Only a few people invest time in their pets to make obedient and thrust worthy companions out of them. For the rest, dealing with pets during a SHTF scenario will become a real problem. If you want to keep a low profile during SHTF, you need to have obedient pets.

There isn’t really a recipe for success here and it all depends on how you raised and trained your pets. Some will take the harsh decision of putting them down for the sake of others, while many will set them free (although all pets return to their home). Since pets are like family members for many of us, you have to plan in advance and include your non-human friends in your bug-in or bug-out plans.

13.Invest in your neighbors

I know that many people will argue that trust is hard to find in these harsh times, but the neighbors you knew all your life would come to your aid if they are preparedness-minded like you. Keeping a separate stash of canned/boxed food, water bottles and spare ammo on their property will benefit the both of you. Helping your neighbors and showing them that you are willing to share your supplies with them is a good step towards building trust. As long as you don’t compromise your security, sharing and cooperation will help you survive.

14.Don’t access your supplies in the presence of anyone outside your survival group

It is better to be selfish than to end up being shot for a few cans of tuna. Your number one priority has to be you and your loved ones. Only those close to you should know about your supplies.

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15.If things go down…fight back!

Even with all preparations and all your struggle to keep a low profile during SHTF, there is still room for mistakes and your supplies may be discovered. If you live in a densely populated area, chances are aggressors will come for you and your supplies. Only an energetic show of force may send them away, and even so, that might be temporary. Aggressors will initially go after easier targets, but they will not forget about you. Once all the easy targets have been taken, they will come back for you and you need to have a backup plan.

Keeping a low profile during SHTF is probably not easy and at some point, you will need to make some crucial decisions. Do you stay or do you go? Do you make a stand? These are hard questions and it will not be easy to find the right answer when avoidance fails. Much of it will depend on how well prepared you are and how well you know your environment.

Stay safe and God Bless!

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2 thoughts on “Smart Strategies To Keep A Low Profile During SHTF”

  1. I’ve been prepping since before Y2K; spending more than $20,000 in Freeze Dried food, alone.

    Here are my suggestions:

    1. DON’T OPEN THE DOOR! No matter how awful the visitor seems to be suffering. Even if he/she is a relative/neighbor. Because, once you open your door, now the supplicant outside knows all this about you: (a.) What you look like (white, black, etc.), (b.) How you are dressed, (c.) How you are groomed (clean shaven, bearded, bathed, unbathed, clean clothes, etc. (d). how many you are; ages, sexes, etc. Now he/her can now make a plan to get inside (my child is sick, aren’t you a Christian?, please! We are Starving, cold, etc.) Some lawyers and used car salesmen can charm birds out of trees with their arguments. Don’t give them the information that they need to take all you’ve got stored!
    Also, if you open the door, the supplicant can slip a child inside, who can then entangle your legs causing you to fall, thus allowing the supplicant to overpower you very quickly. Also, If you open the door, you can be shot by a sniper standing off a hundred yards in a location that you can’t see. You family is now totally at the mercy of …who?

    Don’t open the door and don’t talk through the door – you reveal too much information by doing so!

    For the first few days – when supplicants will be milling around and knocking on your door for help – you don’t want them to know how much better off you are, than they are. Therefore:
    Without food and shelter, the supplicants will be gone within three or four days; either dying of starvation, weather or combat – but in any case, moving on to easier targets.

    (But Now you’ve got to worry about predator gangs of young people. If they surround your home to burn you out, you’ve got to (a.) open the front door; (b.) charge outside directly at the leader(s), firing a semi-automatic weapon aimed LOW so as to avoid missing any targets. The crowd will disperse and (probably) not return – especially if you kill the leader(s). Not doing this will guarantee your death when they burn the house, rape your wife and kids, and kill you in the most painful ways possible…

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