Avoiding And Dealing With The Misery Of Poison Oak

avoiding and dealing with the misery of poison oak

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 10 to 50 million Americans develop allergic rashes to poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac every year. These plants grow almost everywhere in the United States, except Alaska, Hawaii, and some desert regions of Nevada.

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Busting The Myth Of Dealing With Frostbite

busting the myth of dealing with frostbite

In the wilderness, the biting winds and the subfreezing temperatures are always a recipe for disaster. The wintery scenery is beautiful, but it can also become a dangerous trap for the ill-prepared adventurer. If you find yourself suffering from the onset of frostbite is better to follow the proper procedures to keep yourself warm and ignore the myths.

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Preventing And Treating Walking-Related Injuries

a woman has sprained her ankle while hiking, her friend uses the

Stepping over rocks while on a remote trail is a good way to lose your balance and twist your ankle. Not so much a problem if you are near home, it becomes a major problem if you are miles from a trail.

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How To Diagnose Appendicitis

how to diagonze appendicitis

Appendicitis is one of the most common surgical emergencies, and it is one of the most common causes of abdominal pain. In the United States, 250,000 cases of appendicitis are reported annually, representing 1 million patient-days of admission.

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Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

natural cold and flu remedies

Here comes the season when people start feeling miserable and grumpy all the time. The cold and flu season is not to be taken lightly, and we recommend trading in chemical-laden medicines for natural cold and flu relief.

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Emergency Signal Essentials To Call For Help

emergency signal essentials to call for help

You’re stranded in the middle of nowhere, injured and without help in sight. Your cell phone has no signal and is not going to be the lifeline you were counting on it to be.

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The Basics of Footcare In The Field

the basics of footcare in the field

Footcare should become a priority to those that spend a great deal of time in the outdoors. After all, your feet are perhaps the most important part of your engine, and they carry you wherever you need to go. Here is an introduction to footcare in the field.

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How To Get Natural Aspirin From The Woods

how to get natural aspirin from the woods

Imagine you are out alone in the wilderness, spending some pleasant time and enjoying nature. You have your gear, consisting of a tent or a tarp, survival kit, fire kit, first aid kit, cutting tools, navigation devices, sleeping gear. You have plenty of food too.

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Dealing With Summer’s Hazards

dealing with summer's hazards

Warm summer weather inevitably brings people outside. Whether boating, hiking, fishing, camping, or just taking a walk, the dog days of summer bring along a fresh set of seasonal hazards. Managing these risks keeps the family safe while still having fun. Here are a few things to think about as you hit the great outdoors.

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Crisis Preparedness For Kids

crisis preparedness for kids

Every parent wants their children to grow up in a safe environment, but reality forces us to think about dealing with the uglier side of society. It also means we have to decide how best to protect those we love. This involves more than making sure your home is safe and secured. You also have to teach your family how to protect themselves.

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5 Herbs To Boost Your Immunity

5 herbs to boost your immunity

The following herbs are some of the most highly researched, as individuals and modern medicine alike search for answers on how to best assist the immune system in warding off illness and disease.

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What To Do If You Get Bitten By A Dog

What To Do If You Get Bitten By A Dog

Dogs are famously some of the kindest and friendliest animals known to man, owned by tens of millions of Americans and renowned for their loyal and loving nature. Unfortunately, while many dogs are cute and kind, others can be quite aggressive or lash out unexpectedly, and anyone who bumps into a rabid or vicious dog could find their life in danger in a matter of seconds.

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Mental Health: 7 Ways of Coping with Stress

Mental Health 7 Ways Of Coping With Stress

In everyday life, we all experience pressure situations. As a result, we feel stressed. Sometimes it’s due to tight deadlines or heavy workload. Mostly external factors, to which we have no control, contribute to it.

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