Top 6 AR15 Under $1000 Worth Buying

Top 6 AR15 Under $1000 Worth BuyingAR15 is one of the most popular rifles in the United States. It is practical, extremely ergonomic and it can be one of the best weapons you can buy at the moment. Furthermore, it is reliable, easy to use and it comes in so many shapes and versions. Here you will be able to see a complete guide for the best AR15 under $1000. Even better, we will list 6 top-rated models and we will provide you with a guide for choosing the most desirable unit for your purposes. Even better, we will list 6 top-rated models and we will provide you with a guide for choosing the most desirable unit for your purposes. You can also get a proper night vision scope for your rifle to get the best out of it.

Buy a completed version or built your own?

Before anything else, when it comes to the AR15 under $1000 we must explain is it better to build a new rifle from scratch or to purchase a new, already assembled model. Yes, assembling a new rifle definitely sounds appealing, but this, after all, isn’t something you should do.

First of all, you won’t get the same warranty, which may be an issue. Then this process is far more complicated than you can imagine and it isn’t suitable for beginners. The next issue is the time you are going to need. Yes, you can get it done, but you will need hours and hours, even if you watch YouTube videos and read the instructions.

Keep in mind that when it comes to selling that weapon, you will get a lower price. These rifles are not as desirable as preassembled models, and they are less reliable, due to so many reasons, so their value is usually low.

At the end of a day, you will want a pre-assembled rifle, which can be used as soon as you get it. As such, we will be focused on these rifles. After all, they are a much more desirable choice and they are a wiser investment to make.

Main factors to consider

Choosing the best AR15 rifle isn’t an easy task. There are so many factors which must be taken into consideration and each one is more important than you can imagine. After all, these factors will determine how great that particular rifle is for your requirements and is it perfect for you. Yes, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration, so we will list them all.


This factor is probably the main one to consider. There are three alternatives here. You can choose a carbine length model which is 16 inches long, a mid-size unit which is 18 inches long and a rifle version which is 20 inches long. Of course, all of this depends on the overall length of the barrel. A carbine-length version is the most maneuverable, the simplest to use and very popular, but it is also prone to several issues, so it should be avoided. We prefer the mid-size models. They are simply the best, but a rifle version isn’t bad at all. Try to make a choice between these two models.

Gas system

Here you will have to choose between two gas systems AR15 uses. It uses a piston system and the direct impingement system. Out of these two, the piston gas system is more desirable. It is cleaner, more reliable and preferable in areas where the climate can change all the time. All the gasses will be immediately vented away. On the other hand, the direct impingement system is more affordable and still reliable. So, at this point, it all depends on your, individual desire.

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Type of a barrel

Yes, this is also an important factor to consider. You will have to choose it wisely. The first type is the chrome lined barrel. It is the most reliable and the most durable, due to the fact it is chromed, so it is corrosion free and it can last for years. On the other hand, it isn’t the most accurate type, due to the fact chrome may have a side effect on the accuracy.

The next type is the barrel made of stainless steel. It is the most accurate one. Although it cannot last as long as the first option here, it is still a desirable alternative. In addition, it is easy to replace it when needed.

The last option is the nitride barrel. It is the most affordable of them all, but it isn’t accurate or durable as the other two options. We saw these barrels on affordable models which are still a great choice but keep in mind that you won’t get the best results.


Some of you believe that muzzles are only added for the looks, so they are almost irrelevant for true hunters and those who want the best performances. But actually, they are more important than you can believe. First of all, muzzles are added in order to reduce the coil, to eliminate the flash issues, etc. Of course, they make a rifle look better as well.

There are so many different options here so we cannot list them all. For example, you can choose the flash suppressor or one of many other versions. It is actually up to you. Keep in mind that muzzles will help with the flash elimination, reduce the gasses and recoil. Each unit is the best in one area only, so choose the one you actually need.

Material of the bolt carrier

Here we have three options. You can choose between the 158 carpenter steel, 8620 steel and 9310 steel. In all cases, we are discussing carbon steel type. Of course, there are differences. For example, the 158 is the softest of them all and it won’t last very long. On the other hand, the 8620 is the most popular option and it can last a lifetime.

It is also the most popular option for the military of the United States, so it has to be good. 9310 is the hardest of them all. It is still a great option and it is the most commonly used as an upgrade of the 8620 version. It is up to you to choose the one you like, but keep in mind that the 9310 is simply the most desirable option of them all.


Like everything else when it comes to AR15, there are so many different versions of triggers. We have divided two from the group which will be the most appealing to you. The match and the two-stage triggers. Of the two, the preferred type is a two-stage trigger. It is easier to use, quicker and it is more appealing for emergency situations. Of course, this is up to you to choose factor, but keep in mind that two-stage triggers are far more appealing and they are something you should target for.

Hand guards

At the front of your rifle, you will have a hand guard. You can decide to use a weapon without it, but you will soon realize this was a mistake. As such, it is a much better option to choose one. There are two main materials here. Aluminum and polymer. Aluminum may look better and it is definitely an appealing choice, but it will heat up quickly and it isn’t such a great type to consider. The second type is polymer material, which is slightly better. First of all, it handles heat much better and it is great for all of you who are looking for the best performances.


Here we can see two main types. We have adjustable and fixed. Which one you actually need? A much better or better said the clever option is adjustable stock. As the name suggests, it can be adjusted within a matter of seconds. The fixed ones cannot. They are fixed, obviously, so the overall length will stay as it has been adjusted at the factory. We still believe that adjustable models are much better and a wiser investment to make.


OR stands for optics ready and it is a desirable matter to have on your rifle. First and foremost, this means that the rifle can be paired with optics, which is a desirable accessory. Then we have the fact that it will transform a rifle into a whole new weapon and make it far more accurate. Keep in mind that not all AR15 under $1000 come with this feature, so it is something worth considering if you plan to attach a proper rimfire scope.

Top 6 AR15 under $1000


Smith & Wesson M&P15 OR

This is the best AR15 under $1000 you can buy. The first thing to know is that the price of this rifle was slightly above $1000, but we saw a lot of models for under the mentioned amount of money. The next main thing to know is that the OR is available, meaning that this weapon is optics ready. The next thing is the fact bore, barrel, and the bolt carrier are all coated with chrome, so they are going to last. Also, the overall length of the barrel which is 16 inches and the rifling is 1:9 needs to be mentioned as well.

In a nutshell, you are going to be an owner of a great rifle. It is easy to use, it comes with a hard trigger, which is the favorite option for some users and it is a durable rifle. Overall, the quality is impressive and you are going to be more than just satisfied with this weapon. Compared to other models, it is far more affordable and a great value for money. We liked testing it and we added optics which simply makes this weapon a true target killer.


  • Optics ready
  • Value for money
  • Chromed main elements
  • Easy to use and well-made


  • Poor-quality finish
  • Heavy trigger

Colt LE6920 Carbine

If you are into a heavier weapon, this one is just great for you. First of all, it is well-made and it is worthy of the Colt name. Sadly, soon Colt name may perish from the planet Earth, which is an issue for some users. Keep in mind that spare parts will still be available, so it won’t be an issue for current owners. We liked the solid looks and the overall strength of the rifle. It is made for those who want the most and for hunters who are looking for the ultimate weapon.

Yes, the weight of 7 pounds may be an issue for some of you, but this is still a great rifle to own. Add the fact that the optics are ready and you will get a great weapon, once again. The attention to details is great as well. Other facts we should mention include a great quality, stock which is the best in the class and several other, smaller elements which are better than on other versions of the rifle.


  • Optics are great
  • Attention to details
  • Modern design
  • Overall strength of the weapon


  • Some issues with the trigger
  • Heavier than other models

Rock River Arms LAR-15 Entry Tactical

The biggest advantage of the model we have here is the Wylde chamber. As such, you can shoot .223 Remington and 5.56mm NATO bullets without having a negative effect on the accuracy of the weapon. Furthermore, the chamber is chrome coated, so it is going to last. In essence, this is a durable AR15 rifle which is made to be used for so many, different purposes. It is one of the best models on the market and it is definitely going to be appreciated by the future owners. What we liked as well as the fact the value for money is great as well.

Two-stage trigger and advanced hand guards are the next main things we have to mention. They are simply excellent and they are something you are going to appreciate as well. We liked these additions and we believe that they make a true difference. At the end, all we can say is that this is a great weapon. It is reliable, well-made and it comes with all the elements you are going to need.


  • Accurate
  • Wylde chamber
  • Chromed elements
  • Hand guards


  • Expensive
  • Two-stage trigger may be an issue for some

Sig Sauer M400 SRP

Here we have one simple version of the rifle in question. This model is a great choice for most of you and it comes with great specifications. The first one is 1:7 barrel twist rate which allows you to use bigger and heavier bullets. However, there are no issues regarding the accuracy of the weapon in question. The next best thing is the barrel which is coated with nitride, so it is extremely durable.

Other facts we should include are the optics ready advantage, it is well-made and it comes with a pistol-style hand guard, which is a desirable option. In this case, you can expect the most for your money. This is a decent rifle with all you are going to need, but nothing more.



  • Doesn’t come with sight
  • Heavy


And now we have an interesting model. Basically, if you are looking for something else, this is a great model for you, but if you are looking for a standard AR15 rifle, you will have to make another choice. In a nutshell, it comes with standard features, but the overall looks and the design are different. Let’s just start with the hand guard which is a separate accessory offered by the manufacturer. It definitely looks great, but it isn’t very convenient.

As a weapon, this rifle is more than just great for all of you who are looking for compact and easy to use a weapon. It is equipped with all the features you are going to need and it comes with great elements which are more than just great for all of you. In essence, you will get the best rifle with the extraordinary design and with advanced features. Don’t expect too much of it, but this is a great weapon to consider.


  • Design
  • Trigger
  • Barrel
  • Style


  • Hand guard
  • Lack of advanced features

Aero Precision AC-15 Mid-Length Rifle

This is the most affordable model on the list. It is a basic version, which comes with most essentials you are going to need. Yes, it isn’t anything spectacular, but keep in mind that it is almost 50% of the first model we have mentioned. For example, it supports NATO bullets, it is compact and it is a mid-length model, which we liked.

In general, this model has it all. It is well-made and comes with a great barrel. Accuracy is another advantage and it must be taken into consideration. What else can we add? Well, this unit is going to last for a long period of time, it is easy to use and it is very convenient for emergencies.


  • Value for money
  • Simplicity
  • Accuracy
  • Overall length


  • Basic model
  • Hand guard


The best AR15 under $1000 rifle is right here on the list. We have tested some of the most popular and the most desirable models and we have listed all of them. Now is your turn to make a smart choice and decide between which one you like and which one you actually need. Of course, the best AR-15 rifle won’t do any good if doesn’t have any high quality scopes mounted on it, I would suggest you to go to the IOutdoorPursuit and check out their list of the top rated AR-15 scope up to date here:

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2 thoughts on “Top 6 AR15 Under $1000 Worth Buying”

  1. You are a bit hard on making your own. If you want one AR-15 and only one, then the cost of the equipment to make them is likely to be prohibitive. But if you want to experiment, the price for each gets reasonable. And with this right equipment, you can turn out a complete AR-15 ready for testing in a couple of hours.

    No warranty? Correct, but on the other hand, you have valuable insight into how it is put together, which makes it more likely you can fix it or upgrade it yourself. Lower price to sell it, poor investment? Perhaps, but that is only a factor if investment is what you are interested in. I propose that if you are buying a sub $1000 AR, investment is not what you are primarily interested in.

    What issues do only the carbine length ARs have?

    The polymer hand guards are attached to the barrel, which means that force applied to them is applied to the barrel. One advantage of the aluminum handguards is they they are “free float” – do not touch the barrel at all.

    Some of the models listed have a fixed front sight. This is great if you are going to use only “iron” sights, but if you plan to put any kind of optics on, it will interfere with that. Better is a rail all the way along, or at front and back, which allows you to use either iron or optic sights, or even both.

    There is a third type of trigger, the single stage trigger. Not as good as the two stage or target, but still usable and rather less expensive.

    There is a third type of stock as well, and this is the one on all the examples. It is the ‘carbine’ stock, and it adjusts for length by sliding forward and back on the buffer tube, with a spring pin to lock it at the desired position.


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