What Does The End Of The World Mean For Preppers?

What Does The End Of The World Mean For Preppers?All of you believe that doomsday will come as a massive Earth destruction or regional crisis that would change the world forever. Some people believe that the massive asteroid will hit the planet and so on. However, preparing for the end of the world shouldn’t be taken literally.

As a matter of fact, there are dozens of reasons why a person will have to prepare himself for doomsday. In the lack of a better word, let’s just say that all of this depends on the individual matter. Different people see the end of the world in a different light.

Types of doomsdays

Here we must explain the matter above and why each person will see a different end of the world scenario. Believe it or not, there are different types of doomsdays and they aren’t all tied to a certain system of beliefs. This is definitely an interesting fact to know and each type of person does indeed require some type of preparation based on various scenarios.

  • Full-size doomsday

This is the end of the world as we all know and even though few people would like to admit, we all fear that it will one day come. To put it in a few words is the type of an event that will change life forever or destroy it completely. Like when an asteroid hits the Earth, World War 3 or something that will affect the entire planet.

Don’t think that this isn’t possible; many factors could cause WW3 for example. As a matter of fact, there are high chances that this will actually occur during our lifetime and some believe that it may occur sooner than we believe.

Preparation for this type of doomsday is massive and requires proper planning. You will have to think of a shelter that can withstand any threat you can think of, food supplies and food production systems, water supplies and water recycling and so many other things that are needed to keep you and your family alive while the world around you is decaying.

  • Individual doomsday

This is a completely different type of doomsday. Basically only a person will be affected by it. It may be related to business, family, friends, love or something completely else. It is important to know that this type of doomsday also requires preparation but in smaller amounts than the first type.

After all, the world around you won’t be destroyed, so you can still get some benefits out of it. For example, losing a good paying job is the end of the world for some people and they have a hard time recovering.

  • Family doomsday

Here we have basically the same type of doomsday as the previous one, but instead of affecting a single person, it will affect the entire family. The similarities are massive and we can say that this is the same type of doomsday, but there are still a lot of differences. For example, a family losing one of its members creates a tragedy that can affect everyone in the long run. I for one, I believe that losing my loved ones is similar to the end of the world, my world at least.

Regardless of which type of doomsday comes, preparation is mandatory if you want to surpass the challenges a global, regional or personal tragedy brings. There are a lot of facts you should know here, but keep in mind that if you are planning to start with emergency preparedness, you will be labeled as a prepper and not as a prepared person.

Prepping, will “force” you to learn how to survive when it is difficult to do so, regardless if you struggle alone or with your family. A true prepper will get the best out of everything. He or she will learn how to survive when others give up and he will be a role model to the others. Every single prepper will have a lot of advantages in case the end of the world comes.

Individual reasons to become a prepper

There are a lot of different reasons why so many people like you and me prepare for the end of the world, but we will cover here only the individual ones. In essence, here are some reasons why you will have to start saving money and food as soon as possible. As you will see, these are not far-fetched scenarios and something like this can happen to all of us.

We must add that any of the following reasons can occur at any given moment, without a proper warning or tell-tale signs. Furthermore, the chances for something like that to happen are more than just high and probably they will affect you at least once in your life. In certain cases, sadly, they can occur multiple times, which may be a huge issue for some.

Losing your job

This is the most common issue which affects millions of people each year, all around the world. Sadly, anyone of us can lose our job at some point. When that happens, not having a stable income can and sometimes will turn your life into a real nightmare.

Yes, the government will help you, but in the best case scenario, you can expect $600 per a week. In most cases, you will get around $300. This is less than enough for most of you and it will bring a lot of additional problems and issues.

But, if you are a preparer, you won’t have to worry about it. You will have saved cash, food and everything else you may need during the time you require to find another job. Try to remember that getting another job is a complicated matter and you will need at least six months, so always be prepared for a few months more.

Some people believe that the government will always be there for them, to feed their kids and provide basic care, but why are there so many homeless around? They were once just like you and they never taught that they would lose everything.

Financial issues

Although this reason is literally linked to the first one we have mentioned, it can occur separately. It is great to be ensured that you can survive while money doesn’t come back into your life. This issue can occur today to you or it already occurred. That’s why it is important to be prepared.

Let’s just say that you will have to be prepared to have enough of food, cash, etc. to survive the period until you solve the monetary issue. In this equation, your car or cars must be included as well. They can malfunction at any given moment, so they will have to be repaired. Keep in mind that this is an expensive matter. The only thing you can do is to try and repair it by yourself. Yes, it is doable, but will require some time.

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Some people lose everything due to a bad investment while others can no longer battle against debt. Even a medical condition can bring you to your knees if your health-care plan doesn’t cover the hospital bills.

Always have what you need

Another reason why you should be preparer is always to have what you will need without relying on others to survive. For example, let’s say you live in a region known to be hit by tornadoes. Having supplies stored in a cellar, a power generator and other supplies will help you get by when the season is over.

Even if you don’t get hit by a tornado, you have the peace of mind knowing that you have something set aside for dark times.

The same refers to any other type of regional disaster. Are you certain the region you live in won’t be affected by a forest fire or a long drought? If you spend some of your time preparing for certain scenarios that are highly probable for your region, you will not regret it in the long run. The end of the world is different for each and every one of us, and we need to prepare for what we fear the most.

Save money on a regular basis

Money is a huge issue at the end of the world, especially your own world. Saving money is basically the main fact you, as a prepper will have to do. When you save money, you will make sure that you can always purchase a thing or an item or food you will need, even if it costs extra.

All preppers have a decent amount of money saved or any other form of tradable currency, due to a simple reason. If the end of the world comes, you will be prepared to survive much longer and to get essentials which are needed in that case scenario.

Protection from natural disasters

Every single year, more than 35000 house fires occur in the United States. A lot of these fires will be reduced if a family has a fire extinguisher or proper knowledge on how to protect their homes. Sadly, most of them never use nor have one. Well, preppers have them and they are curious, to say the least, about what to do against fire hazards.

Regardless of how you look at this, you are never 100% safe from natural disasters if you live in an area where they haven’t occurred for a long time. Sadly, for some, the end of the world can be caused by a natural disaster that doesn’t have such a big impact on others.

Tornados storms, earthquakes, etc. can ruin or better said destroy an entire neighborhood. If you are prepared, you will be able to survive and to live for another day. As a matter of fact, if you are a prepper, you will be able to withstand the issue and the complications caused by the natural disaster. Obviously, you will have food and water until you manage to rebuild.

Power outage

Let’s face it, at some point in time; you will have encountered a power outage that puts you in difficulty. Some of you are worried that in that scenario, your kids won’t be able to play video games or the meat from the freezer will go bad, but things can get even worse if the regional grid goes down.

When a power outage occurs, you can freeze to death or starve since you won’t be able to cook a meal. That’s why it is a wise investment to purchase a power generator and you will be surprised that even after all these years, a lot of people don’t think about this basic requirement. There are so many models out there at affordable prices that can save the day during a power outage.

Even if some people don’t see a power outage as the end of the world, we should always remember that things can complicate when we least expect it.Peace of mind

Yes, when you are prepared for anything you can think of, you won’t have to worry as much as other people do. This is a state or better said peace of mind which must be mentioned as it is the main prepping reasons for many of us. It is actually more important than most people can imagine so it is something you will want to consider.

In general, a relaxed lifestyle can help you achieve many things and it will wire your brain to a whole new level. To get this benefit, all you have to do is to start with preparations as soon as possible. You will notice the benefit within a matter of weeks.

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Better self-esteem

This is a reason to start with the end of the world preparation as well. When and during the preparations, you will get much higher self-esteem, so you will start thinking on a completely new level. We all know that self-esteem is something we should work on and something that can make a huge difference in our lives. Also, when you are preparing yourself for the end of the world and when you are planning your next move, you will develop your personality, skills and self-confidence.

You will be ready for impossible tasks and for something that may occur without warning. This benefit is the simplest to understand if you meet a preparer. You will see that many of them are focused individuals, they have a strong personality and they can react faster than regular folks, depending on the situations encountered.

Increasing the family bonds

When you are preparing yourself for the end of the world, the chances are high that you will do it with your family. Because it involves tons of preparations and adjustments, your bonds will strengthen and they will develop faster than you can think. It is common for some people to start preparing and involve their family members, just like the old folks did. Yes, it isn’t relevant for the end of the world, but it has a lot of additional benefits and it is something that should be taken into consideration.

Let’s not forget that your grandparents did everything as a family and everyone grew stronger together as they learned from one another. Communities were much closer back then and all because they manage to know each other while taking care of daily tasks that today are replaced by technology. A strong family is even a stronger team and they can survive everything thrown at them.

Short preparation guide for the end of the world

Regardless of what the end of the world means for you and what makes your worry, emergency preparedness doesn’t bring any downsizes. In essence, you will have to prepare in similar ways for many of the scenarios listed as doomsdays nowadays.

First of all, you will need food and water. Canned food is the best because it can survive on a shelf the longest period. Then we have water, which has similar properties when it comes to lifespan on a shelf.

Besides food and water, you will need shelter and clothes, all types of clothes for various seasons. Package only practical clothes that can be cleaned easily and will not wear out in difficult working conditions. Regarding footwear, heavy-duty shoes are the best because they will last longer and they can be comfortable as well.

A lot of utilities and tools should be packaged and saves as well. For example, you will need a utility knife. It is more than just practical and more than just useful when it comes to the situation in which you will actually need it. Swiss army knife is more than just a great item to own. It is essential, easy to use and it comes with so many different essentials.

The last thing to know is that you need all sorts of things depending on the preparation plan you are making. There are three types of prepping journeys people are starting: short-term preparation, long-term preparation and perpetual preparation.  It all depends on what you are preparing for and for how long.


One way or another, end of the world will come. It may be a massive end which will destroy everything, or it may be an individual, personal end of the world which will affect you and only you. In both cases, it is important to know that survival is much easier if you are prepared for it.

With the work put into this website, we are trying to help you in any way we possibly can and we hope that from today, you will start to think about the end of the world in a different way. After all, it is better to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

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1 thought on “What Does The End Of The World Mean For Preppers?”

  1. So many people focus on only the first part of the phrase and skip the latter part:

    The end of the world _AS WE KNOW IT._

    Just because things change, doesn’t necessarily mean the end of all life on the planet. Heck, everyone assumes that TEOTWAWKI is a bad thing…there are scenarios which involve good things that would just be as world changing. Practical fusion energy would upend the fossil fuel AND renewable power industries. Battery manufacturers would be big winners (for vehicles and other portable devices), while homes would shift away from oil, natural gas and propane to electric heat.
    Another good example: you win a big lottery. It’s definitely life altering and the world as you know it will never be the same for most mega lottery winners.
    Yet another example: A real cure for cancer would be great for everyone diagnosed, but could be a mixed bag for the planet if we overpopulate even faster…
    Sure, I prepare for disasters, but I also try to be flexible in both my preparations and my thinking. Cover the basics with food, water, and shelter then think about how things changing for good or bad would impact you and how you can best minimize any disruptions to your family’s lives. And remember it’s not all doom and gloom. 🙂


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