10 Reliable Pocket Pistols For Your EDC

10 Reliable Pocket Pistols For Your EDCSelf-defense can be a controversial subject, especially if firearms are involved. It’s always in the news and drives people in different directions. Part of this topic implies armed self-protection in most cases, which may not necessarily be right for everyone. However, this decision is personal and it brings in a series of responsibilities, not to mention the morals. Today we will discuss my favorite pocket pistols.

The truth is that many of the recent dramas around the world could have been prevented if more people would have been involved. Self-defense is not optional, but a constitutional right. While knives used to be more popular a few decades ago, the modern trend involves pocket pistols. After all, how well can you defend yourself with a knife against an armed attacker?

On another note, the world is changing. There are numerous theories about the doomsday, whatever it might involve – a natural disaster or a random street war. No one can tell. One thing is for sure though – pocket pistols become a perfect solution to protect yourself and those around you. Now, what are the most popular pocket pistols to look for when interested in arming yourself? Here are my favorites.

Top 10 Pocket Pistols for any EDC:

Glock 42.380

Glock 42.380 is quite new to the Glock family. It’s one of the most compact pocket pistols, as well as the smallest pistol made by this manufacturer. It is pocket-friendly with its 5.94 inches overall length and 0.94 inches in width. It’s excellent for pocket carry and weighs less than 14 ounces (empty).

It was introduced as the result of a general demand for reliable and concealable pistols. The double-action pistol has a 6+1 bullet capacity and comes with polygonal rifling.

The G42 employs a dual recoil spring unique to the model and a cold-hammer forged barrel. The Safe Action technology makes it ideal for less experienced people, as it prevents accidental gunshots. Some gun enthusiasts agree that this is one pocket pistol that was long overdue and the wait was worth it.

Sig Sauer P938

Sig Sauer P938 is among the most cost-efficient pocket pistols on the market. It offers good value for money. It can withstand long and heavy uses without compromising on accuracy. The pistol can be customized due to numerous conversion kits, as well as the extended magazine. In an initial stage, its capacity is 6+1. When upgraded, it goes to 7+1. As for the trigger, it’s said to be a front-runner among pocket pistols.

It weighs 16 ounces and its overall length is 5.9 inches with 1.1 inches in width. Given the size, the P938 is a godsend in many situations, such as hot weather or carrying heavy equipment. It might be a life-saver due to its compact build.

Compared to previous generations of this pistol, the P938 comes with a new recoil spring. You might think it’s a wire, but it’s not. In fact, it’s a flat coil. The upgrade is meant to handle more energy in a more efficient way. Finding a holster is not so hard either. Just reach to the gun shop and check out the “one size fits all” choices. The P938 offers a 9mm in a true pocket-sized semi-auto. The ambidextrous safety makes it an ideal gun for all shooters.

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Beretta Px4 Storm Subcompact

Beretta Px4 Storm Subcompact may not be the most attractive pistol in the world, but this is the last thing to care about. When it comes to accuracy, you could probably win some bets at the gun club. While most pocket pistols come with a length-of-grip issue, Beretta tried to fix it with the GripSnap technology. You no longer need to keep a finger under the magazine, as the handle can go down 1/3 of an inch. If you have used a Beretta before, you probably know already that controls are outstanding – serrations all over the metal slide for easier operation.

The accuracy for the Px4 Storm Subcompact is said to be above average. It’s a semi-automatic pistol that provides just enough flexibility. It seems heavier than other pocket pistols in this range at 26 ounces, yet it still feels lightweight during use. You will have no problems carrying it all day long and its overall length of 6.2 inches and a width of 1.4 inches can fit in any pocket.

Apart from the weight, it’s also small enough to conceal, but also quite powerful for its size. Furthermore, the Px4 Storm Subcompact is cheaper than most of its competition.

Kahr Arms P380

Kahr Arms P380 is almost impossible to beat when it comes to 9mm pocket pistols. After all, who would refuse a compact, reliable and powerful .380? When empty, this pistol weighs less than 10oz, making it one of the lightest units in this segment. Its small size makes it comfortable for small hands, yet those with large hands will probably end up with the pinkie finger in the air.

However, pocket pistols are not meant to be used as assault rifles, so this isn’t really a con. The slide is made of stainless steel and comes with a matte finish. The polymer frame ensures a good grip, even if your hands are sweaty.

The magazine is sturdy due to the steel construction of the base plates. They are single stack. Like most pocket pistols, this Kahr has a standard 6+1 magazine. It weighs just under 10 ounces and its overall length is 4.9 inches with 0.75 inches in width.

The pistol doesn’t come with a holster, yet this shouldn’t be a problem. The price is not bad for what you get either. But then, most specialists recommend buying an extra recoil spring with the pistol. Small guns and hot loads don’t have a positive impact over the recoil spring, hence the necessity of a spare one.

Ruger LCR .22 WMR

Ruger LCR .22 WMR shares most of the pros found in the entire LCR range. It has a double action trigger that makes shooting a pleasure. It’s extremely easy to control as well, whether you have to shoot one or more bullets. When compared to other pocket pistols, it feels more powerful, yet it’s also comfortable to hold. Maybe because the grip is a mix of plastic and aluminum. As for the cylinder, you can count on not less than 6 rounds.

The LCR .22 WMR weighs less than 17 ounces and measures 6.5 inches in length and 1.25 inches in width. It’s quite light, but it’s far from being the lightest in this segment.

Regarding pricing, Ruger LCR .22 WMR is among the inexpensive pocket pistols. It doesn’t mean that the manufacturer has compromised on quality though. In fact, its shape makes it easy to carry and conceal, while its extensive power feels a bit surprising.

There are no doubts that this revolver appeals to those interested in a defensive unit. You don’t have to be a soldier to operate and shoot it.

Smith & Wesson Model 327

Smith & Wesson Model 327 was certainly designed for the fans. While most pocket pistols these days are semi-automatic, this revolver does make the difference and stacks up good against its competition. The Model 327 can do pretty much anything a semi-automatic gun is capable of – even some of the things that it can’t actually do.

The pistol aims to be lightweight, so the manufacturer relied on scandium alloy for the frame. On the other hand, the barrel and the cylinder are made of stainless steel. It weighs 21.4 ounces and its overall length of 7 can make it tricky to fit in your pocket.

Unlike other similar pocket pistols, this one comes with the barrel in a shroud. It’s an unusual built, but Smith & Wesson managed to bring in a series of benefits. Its accuracy is probably the most obvious one.

The cylinder also goes a bit further – not less than eight rounds. Basically, it can compete against 1911 guns. Regarding accuracy, the Model 327 can easily go over 100 yards. This is more than enough for compact pocket pistols or self-protection guns. If there is one drawback, that is the holster. Buying holsters for a revolver is a bit tricky, as you don’t have too many options.

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Taurus 738 TCP

With 10.2oz of weight, Taurus 738 TCP is clearly one of the most compact pocket pistols out there. It can go into your front pocket and you won’t even know it’s there. However, this isn’t the main thing to look for in a pocket pistol. In fact, this model has more benefits over its competition.

First, it’s really inexpensive. Some other pocket pistols might cost up to two or three times more. Second, it has a slide lock. Many pocket pistols fail to lock back once you’re done with the last round. Some others come with a manual one. The 738 TCP model takes this issue to the next level. Third, the trigger leaves no room for mistakes.

With an overall length of 5.25 inches and at just 10.2 ounces (empty) in weight, this is one of the most preferred concealed-carry pocket pistols on the market. Taurus 738 TCP makes other pocket pistols feel gritty and heavy. Its trigger is exceptionally smooth and makes shooting a pleasure. The manufacturer claims on the double action too.

When combined with the polymer design, there are no doubts that you’re using one of the most comfortable pistols out there. It’s hammer fired, yet the hammer won’t bother your fingers. Also, it comes with an indicator for the chamber, as well as the patented Security System from Taurus.

North American Arms Guardian

North American Arms is better known for its small pocket pistols and this model makes no exception. It might look like an old-fashioned pistol, but it can certainly make your life easier in self-protection. It’s a semi-automatic, fixed barrel firearm. Most of its components are made of stainless steel. Not only it feels stable, but it is also good looking. Plus, stainless steel makes it lightweight.

Some parts are made of polymer as well – the magazine base plates and the grip panels. You do want the grip panels to be made of polyester though. This way, you have a good grip even when your hands are sweaty – and they will be sweaty if you’ll ever have to defend yourself using pocket pistols. Furthermore, grip panels are removable for extra functionality.

The Guardian model has a perfect accuracy over short distance shooting. After all, it’s not a sniper rifle. Its capacity is 6+1 and the overall length is 4.75 inches with 0.93 inches in width. Its weight of only 18.72 ounces makes it reliable and very effective with today’s .380 ACP loads.

Regarding pricing, North American Arms Guardian is in the lower range of its segment. However, it can get pricey if you invest in extra accessories. The good news is that there are plenty of them on the market.

Kimber Ultra CDP II

Kimber Ultra CDP II is definitely built for everyday carry. It’s ultra-compact and has a series of innovative features. For instance, it has numbered holes on the sides. This way, you can count the bullets at a glance. The overall appearance is yet another significant advantage over other pocket pistols. The frame is made of black aluminum alloy, while the matte stainless slide provides a stunning contrast.

Most parts are treated with the Carry Melt technology. This feature is not all about the looks, but also about the functionality. The pistol feels light and slides out of your pocket in no time.

Unlike other models from the same manufacturer, the Ultra CDP II comes with the Swartz safety standard – a firing pin safety measure. It doesn’t affect the trigger pull because it’s not engaged by the grip safety.

This kind of build makes Kimber’s firearm superior to other pocket pistols. All in all, this unit brings in the performance of a large firearm with the extra advantage of concealability.

Rossi 461 .357 Magnum

My wife wanted a 6 shoot 3-inch barrel .357 Magnum revolver for quite some time. When she saw the price tag of $299, she jumped on it, never looking back. She keeps it in her purse and she calls it her guard dog. This is a wonderful gun for that price and after firing more than 50 rounds at the range, I can say that it’s really accurate and precise.

The traditional-style .38 Special/.357 Magnum 461 features all-steel construction, large rubber and finger groove grips. It has an external hammer and an overall brightly polished blue finish. The overall length of this revolver is 6.5 inches and weighs 26 ounces (empty).

This is a great little gun that is easy to carry, fast to draw and packs a mean punch. It is also worth mentioning that the Rossi 461 .357 Magnum comes with a lifetime warranty


Yes, I’m aware that there are revolvers among the pocket guns listed here, but the point here was to provide examples for reliable, concealable firearms that could fit in your pocket. In the end, pocket pistols represent a solid option in self-protection.

Studies have shown that criminals are less likely to choose targets that might be armed. Also, nowhere in the world is it illegal to use force for personal protection, whether you want to protect your family or your property. These are the main reasons why pocket pistols have gained so much popularity lately. Remember that firearms should be treated properly and may also have some drawbacks if handled by less experienced users.

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  1. I don’t see any comments yet so I guess I’ll be the FIRST to complain that MY favorite pistol isn’t included in this article and I’m really, REALLY, triggered about that fact!!
    I don’t know WHAT I’d like to see shown to represent MY personal preference. I only know it isn’t represented in the article, by golly!
    Ok, ok, OK!! The above was purely and 110% comical sarcasm so for those who are fixing to reach out and a snivel, just sit down and STHU!
    All that aside, I carry one of the following year ’round as a CCW for MY protection and don’t see why others cannot achieve the same. Unless they prefer some itty bitty gun so their personal comfort isn’t compromised in any way.
    That said, I carry one of the following:
    G17, G22, G21C or even my G27.
    I’m not a huge guy not am I of liliputian dimensions, either, so I just don’t get it. Not to say the guns written about aren’t satisfactory for what they are, or expected, to do but unless you guys are wearing only a Speedo at the beach and need to carry even then, WTH, over?!?
    And if THAT is when you decide you need one of the above tiny guns, you probably LIE about other “stuff” too, don’t you??!!?? LMAO

  2. Keep in mind that the purpose of being armed is to be able to stop someone RIGHT NOW from doing something which is so terrible or dangerous that it is justified to shoot them. If the gun you carry can’t do that reliably, than you are fooling yourself – feeling armed rather than being armed.

    And .380 won’t do it reliably. I’m pretty sure 22 Mag won’t do it. 9mm and .38 can do it if you have appropriate ammunition. .357 can do it.


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