The Benefits of Stockpiling Coffee for Long-term Survival

The Benefits of Stockpiling Coffee for Long-term SurvivalIf you think that coffee is just a luxury, and something that could easily be discarded in the event of a societal collapse… think again. Studies show that everyone from elite athletes, to average working people benefit greatly from drinking coffee. If you depend on a cup of Joe to function now, imagine what it will be like when you are even more sleep-deprived, stressed, overworked, etc…

Caffeine has often been vilified in the past.

It is true that if misused, this substance can be addictive and can do damage. However, when used responsibly, it provides many benefits to our brains, our bodies, and our general well-being.

I’m taking coffee storage very seriously. I know that it will serve as a vital ally in a survival situation.

I have been an unapologetic coffee-lover since a very young age, and one of my hobbies is writing all about it on my blog. The more research that I have done on the subject, the more I have learned that this ancient beverage is much more friend than foe. My husband and I are also proud members of the preparedness community, and recently we got into a lively discussion about whether or not coffee would be one of our main priorities when it came to our emergency food storage.

The more that I learned, and the more that I thought about it the more seriously I started to take long term coffee storage. Did you know that it is nearly impossible to grow the coffee bean in the Continental United States? This fact blew me away! It really made appreciate the value of something that is a low priced commodity now, but would be extremely valuable if SHTF.

I created this short infographic, which outlines some of my research on this subject.

Scientifically proven benefits aside, I personally feel that the greatest advantage is the benefit to morale. Even though we will have to ration, if and when the hard times do come, it will be nice to have this small comfort as a reminder of the lives we had previously taken for granted. The benefits of a morale boost in a survival situation cannot be underestimated. Just ask yourself honestly “What are some things I use in my day to day life that I take for granted, that I may not have access to in the event of a major catastrophe?”

I like to think of myself as a mostly optimistic person, but the world can be a dangerous place and the relative safety that we enjoy day-to-day could be shattered at a moment’s notice. I am very grateful for Bob, and all of the hard work that he does here at Prepper’s Will. It is an honor to be able to contribute to this veritable treasure trove of information. I hope and pray that this site continues to grow and to reach and teach more people, and I hope that those new readers out there will take his advice and guidance to heart.

Stay Safe,

Liz Thornton

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  1. Totally agree! I have tried to look into long term coffee storage. I have never gotten a straight answer on how long a roasted bean will last if vacuum sealed and kept cool. Some say it will go rancid. I really don’t care for freeze dried. I also looked into green coffee beans and am not sure which to buy. Any help would be appreciated.


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