17 Must-Have Items To Prepare For Weather Disasters

17 Must-Have Items To Prepare For Weather DisastersToday’s weather is unpredictable and some say it’s all due to global warming. Weather disasters are a common occurrence and we have to be prepared for them. Mother Nature doesn’t mess around and you shouldn’t do it either. Stock up on these items before severe weather disasters hit your area.

Meteorologists are able to predict severe weather, but there isn’t a completely accurate science for the outcome of most weather disasters. For example, the path of a tornado can change drastically within seconds or minutes. People are advised to gather all the essential items that would be needed for survival. If you can’t get out of the storm’s way, you might as well have everything you need to survive at home.

20 must have items to survive weather disasters:

  1. Generator and Fuel

These are the most basic items needed during a crisis scenario. Every household in America has at least one generator. It provides your family with the daily comfort they are used to, even during severe weather. Once you figure out what type of devices you need to power, you have to calculate how many watts it will take to run each piece of equipment. Add up the wattage requirements for each piece of equipment on your list and it will tell you what size of generators you will need.

When it comes to stocking fuel, you have to store the type of fuel your generator uses. You can opt for diesel or gasoline generators to power your home during weather disasters. In general diesel generators are much more expensive than gasoline generators because they have better fuel efficiency and a longer engine life.

  1. Water and Water purification items

Storing water is one of the basics of emergency preparedness. The recommended water quantity ranges from one gallon to one gallon and a half per person. This water will be used for both drinking and sanitation purposes. Storing water depends on the available space you have and the containers you can use. An ingenious storing water device is the WaterBOB. This plastic bag will allow you to store water in your bathtub, a few hours before any weather disasters might be predicted.

Since you don’t know how the weather event will affect the integrity of your home and provisions, you should be able to purify water with the items you’ve stockpiled. Having a Lifestraw water filter is highly recommended. You can also buy some water purifying tablets as these supplies are not expensive and are known to be very efficient at purifying water.

  1. Food

Providing for your family during an extreme crisis When it comes to storing food to prepare for weather disasters, things are never easy. First of all, you need to know how the eating habits of your family. And second, you should select the foods they eat based on the type of severe weather disasters that your region is known for.  The idea would be to stockpile food that requires no refrigeration, preparation or cooking. Your food should require little or no water at all.

However, this is not always easy and it depends on the eating habits your family has developed. If you have young ones or old people to care for, having a few food comfort items becomes a must. Don’t forget about plastic eating utensils.

  1. Radio or/and TV

Having a small battery powered TV or radio is recommended if you want to know what’s going on outside. A NOAA weather radio provides you with all the information you need. It will help you figure out if you should hunker down or go to safety.

Nowadays, you can use your mobile phone for almost anything you can think of. People will spread the word about weather disasters and some will even provide live feeds. Make sure you are able to keep your phone charged and you have a good decent data plan.

  1. First-aid kit

No matter how you look at things, accidents happen all the time. Your chances of getting injured during weather disasters increase significantly. This article will provide you with a step by step guide to make your own first-aid kit. The tricky part about having a good first-aid kit is to be able to use it to its full extent. If you don’t have medical training, you should at least have the proper documentation to guide you through a medical emergency.

  1. Prescription medications

Once you hear a storm is going to hit your region, you should rush home to be with your loved ones. However, the first stop you should make should be at the drug store. You need to make sure you have the medication your family needs. A smart way would be to have a three month supplies of medication you take every day. Medication such as insulin, heart medicine and asthma inhalers are often required. If that’s not possible, make a stop at the drug store before going home.

  1. Cash is king

When the power grid goes down due to weather disaster, your credit card is useless. Since there are always items or services you would need, you should have hard cold cash. Each family should have a cash reserve, set aside for emergency situations.

  1. Tools

The problem with severe weather disasters is that they always cause things to break. You should have all sorts of wrenches and pliers to turn off utilities in case the pipes are affected. You need all the tools that would keep your home standing. Everything from dust masks to fire extinguishers.

  1. Important documents

Pack copies of all the important documents and scan them to be sure you don’t lose them. A small USB stick can keep tens of GB of data that you need. Everything from insurance policies, to bank account records and family photos can be stored.

  1. Sanitation and Hygene

Sanitation becomes an important survival task during extreme weather disasters. You need to keep a good hygiene to stay in proper shape. Things become difficult if you have infants to take care of or people with disabilities. Always stockpile diapers, moist towels, antibacterial sanitizer, feminine supplies and personal hygiene items.

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Think about how you will get rid of the waste you produce. A few garbage bags are a must, but how about if the disaster lasts for more than a week?

  1. Backup clothing

When you have to deal with weather disasters, a complete change of clothing might be required. Pack some in a plastic bag, to keep it dry and always keep it in reach. If you have to abandon your home, you should take the clothes with you.

  1. Signal devices

These are important items to have during weather disasters. Your home might be isolated or you can get trapped inside. In a worst case scenario, these items will help you draw attention to your location so you can be rescued.  Think about items that are safe to use and won’t make things worse. Whistles, signal mirrors and led flares should be considered.

  1. Family Comms

FM-brand radios are ideal items to keep in touch with your family members. They run on two AA batteries and offer instant communication up to a quarter mile. You can use them to keep in touch if you have to do house repairs, explore the area or if you get trapped inside your home.

The Lost Ways of Living - A must have!

  1. Good sleeping gear

A sleeping bag or a warm blanket with a pillow for each person is a must. Not only it will help you rest during troubled times, but will also help you preserve body heat. Severe weather disasters are unpredictable and can last for quite some time. If you want to save fuel, you have to stay warm by using the proper clothing and sleeping gear.

  1. Pet supplies

If you have pets, you need to prepare for them as well. Since they are part of your family, you need to stockpile food and meds for them. Not only they will improve your morale, but they will also help you stay alert. For example, a guard dog can keep wild animals or looters at bay.

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  1. A well-equipped car

No matter how you look at it, you should always have a backup plan to escape from your region. A well-equipped car is common necessity during your daily commute. It will become a critical item when having to deal with extreme weather events. If you are forced to leave your home behind, you vehicle of choice should be able to get you to safety. Make sure your vehicle is equipped for the season and pack only the necessary items.

  1. The right network

If you are forced to evacuate, you need to have a network of people that could help you deal with all of it. Family members and close friends can take you in, if you don’t have the money to stay at a hotel. They could at least keep your pets for a few days to help you save money. Knowing the hotels from your area and their policy can help you figure out how things changed after the disaster. If they are charging more for room, you should look for other shelters.

A last word

Preparing for weather disasters is a time-consuming task. You first have to make a threat analysis and establish the most probable disaster event. Once you have a list with the weather disasters that are a common occurrence for your area, you should start gathering supplies.

For example, the number one weather disaster in our country is flooding. Prepping for a flood is quite different than prepping for a tornado. However, the items listed here can be used in both scenarios.

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  1. Hurrican supplies. For those that grew up in Florida, almost all of this was everyday preps. The generator should be the last item on you list. And unless there is a need to power medical equipment or a small refrigerator for meds, it should be considered a luxury. An few important items i see missing though. A folding sterno camp stove and fuel for it. Its a great way to heat up soups, water and oatmeal just to name a few. Not to mention, if you need to relocate, they are easily packed up for any trip. Also, oil lamps and oil are better than candles any day. More so with small kids at home. If they are knocked over, the oil will douse the flame. Where as a candle is far more likely start a fire. Keep these in mind folks. And grab them when you can. They are non perishable, so you may even pass them done like an heirloom.


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